The ultimate Teambuilding package

  • Programme
  • Combining gaming fun with content!
  • Different gaming experiences possible
  • Teambuilding gaming specialist
  • Use external specialists
  • Incl. food & drink
  • Equipment
  • Playseats
  • Headset HyperX Cloud Mix

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The ultimate Teambuilding package


Literally and figuratively through gaming get better at working with and for each other. Led by a gaming and esports coach who has years of experience in 'teaming', you and your colleagues will work on various games. Through gaming, the link is made to the challenges that are faced by teams and the business world, so that improvements can be made. This arrangement can be customised. 


What does this arrangement look like?


At the reception the early birds can play table football, table tennis or F1 racing. When everyone is there, we get started! The day starts with an introduction by an esports professional about the world of esports.



Then it's game time! After a short introduction by our esports gaming coach, we'll jointly determine the goals and expectations of the teambuilding session. Then we'll really get to work and 'game'. Depending on the previously discussed goals and challenges, games will be chosen and multiple games will be played. 

In between, experiences and feedback are exchanged and, where necessary, deepened. Of course, the fun of gaming is used to get people moving. Experience with gaming is not required to participate in this programme!



We end the day with an analysis of the learnings, while enjoying a delicious Sprirello (potato on a stick) and drink of your choice (soft/beer/wine). This can be extended on request with lunch or dinner or a more extensive drink.


Need help?

Want to organize a team/company outing with more than 10 people that best suits your needs and company? Click here and fill in our decision aid, we will gladly help you!



Frequently asked questions

How far in advance do we need to be?

15 minutes in advance so you can start your meeting or game activity on time.

Can I book additional players at the last minute?

Yes you can, these are settled after the event.