Gaming impacting world

Why gaming?

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is now bigger than the music and film industries combined. And although almost all young people do it every day, stadiums are sold out by fans wanting to watch esports and more and more corporates are investing large amounts of money in gaming and esports, gaming still has a negative image for many people. 

H20 Esports wants to change this and believes that gaming is a bridge to all kinds of new forms of tech and education and offers innovative solutions to real (world) problems. The Esports Tech Campus Amsterdam can accelerate and facilitate processes and business.

Our Story

Why H20?

As top sportsmen, we have experienced at close quarters how top sport shapes you. We wanted to create a physical place where game and tech talent can get the best out of themselves. 

That place is here now. H20 Esports Campus is a Valhalla for gamers, also jokingly called the Papendal of esports. More than 12,000 m2 and various buildings in business park de Koog in the municipality of Purmerend - right in the middle of the Amsterdam metropolitan region - are dedicated to gaming, esports and creative tech. At its heart is the Rabo Esports Stadium, the largest permanent esports stadium in Western Europe, as well as various facilities for esports talent, esports teams and esports and gaming event organisers. 

A place for today's talent, but at the same time we prepare that talent for a future in creative tech. Because not everyone makes it to the top. 

H20 and the knowledge cluster it creates will contribute to the future of sport and education, higher economic growth and more and better trained tech workers.

Gamers and influencers are the developers
of the future.

Welcome to our world.

You determine your growth here
because your ambitions are central here

You push your boundaries,
by meeting
Connecting, learning
and especially by creating
By simply doing it! Together!
Give and take, Perform together

Tech + People, People + Tech
We give new generations
and talent CHANCE!
Because your ambitions are there
to achieve!

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