La Casa de Dinero

  • Programme
  • VR Escape Rooms based on the Netflix hit series
  • 90 minutes
  • from 14 years of age (12 years with supervision)
  • 3-6 people
  • Includes 1 drink
  • Equipment
  • Meta Quest 2
  • Different props


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Our newest adventure is a VR Escape Room and takes place in virtual reality and is based on the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel. Work well together and unravel the most challenging puzzles under the guidance of El Profesor. In addition to tough real life puzzles, you will also have to pay close attention in the virtual world. Will you manage to rob the Spanish Mint building and then also escape from the hands of the police!!!!


How does this work?


La Casa de Dinero is not a classic escape room, but a VR Escape Room. At La Casa de Dinero you have to solve puzzles in Virtual Reality and Real life to reach your goal. How fast do you capture the millions of euros? Each time 1 person has the VR Glasses on (you change this during the game) and the rest looks at the room in real life. By communicating well, puzzles and riddles in both the virtual world and the real world can be solved. So you combine Virtual Reality with Reality, which is a different, but definitely a very fun way of escaping and working together.

While you are busy solving the escape game, you will get a drink.


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