Safe and responsible gaming

H20 stands for safe and responsible gaming

H20 was born from the belief that gaming cannot only be done at home, but also at an external location where guidance is provided and where gaming becomes a social activity where people with a passion for gaming can meet and socialise.

We also believe that game talent, if supported in the right way, can learn special skills that will later be useful in business. We see esports (competitive gaming) as a sport and even a top-class sport. In our packages and activities, we also apply all kinds of sports and exercise, so that we literally get youths moving through gaming.

All our staff have a VOG certificate and are trained in guiding young people.



PEGI warns parents and educators up to which age a game can be harmful to children. The PEGI age ratings indicate one of the following categories: 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. The age ratings do not take into account the difficulty level or skills required to play a game.

In addition, PEGI also has content pictograms. These icons show the main reasons why a game has been given a certain age rating. There are eight such content pictograms: violence, foul language, fear, drugs, sex, discrimination, gambling and online play with other people.

On the Go!Collection page, all games have an age rating and content icons. Games with an age rating of 16 and 18 at Go!Gaming will not appear in the list of available games for accounts of gamers who are younger.

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Go!Gaming supports the book "My Gaming Child". The book "My Gaming Child" is also widely supported by various esports clubs and other game companies in the industry.

My Gaming Child gives parents all the answers they need to deal with their child's favourite hobby. Most parents did not grow up with gaming and therefore do not always know exactly what to look out for. The good news: gaming is fun and valuable for the development of your child. My Gaming Child gives you all the tips and answers you need to create a nice, safe gaming environment for your child.