Herozone VR

  • Programme
  • 25 euros per person (up to 4-12 people in a group)
  • Popping Zombies
  • Bow and arrow shooting
  • Free for all/Team Deathmatch
  • From 10 years of age
  • Includes 1 drink
  • Equipment
  • Meta Quest 2
  • Haptic Vest


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Per session, groups can participate in teams of two to four simultaneously in the VR Hero Zone Experience. This is a Free Roam VR experience. You can see, hear and feel each other in the game. Every step you take in the real world is translated 1 to 1 in the virtual world.

Each player gets VR glasses with built-in headphones and 2 guns and a Haptic vest. A Haptic vest allows you to feel everything about the virtual world. Before the Free Roam VR experience gets underway, the group will receive detailed instructions on how to operate our equipment and the gaming environment.

What does 1.5 hours of Hero Zone look like?



You will be received at the H20 VR Gaming Center at the Cantekoogweg 5 in Purmerend. Here is the opportunity to have another cup of coffee or tea. Then we will start with Hero Zone 


Virtual Reality gaming

After a brief explanation, we can quickly begin the action.

First you start with the VR Zombie Experience. Together with your party, you try to survive by shooting all the Zombies!

The 2nd game is the VR Adventure Experience. Defend the Magic Tree from all the Trolls, Orcs and Dragons with your bow and arrow. Use the elements as powers to defeat the enemies!

As a finale, you take on each other! In the Player vs Player Free 4 All Shooting Experience, you shoot against your friends. Who will be the winner with the most points!



After you are gamed out, there is the opportunity to enjoy bitterballen and a drink.


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