Gala / Party

  • Programme
  • A further characteristic can be added here
  • Equipment
  • Professional stage with LED screens and light shows
  • The stadium contains 'state of the art' broadcasting equipment
  • 2.4 LED screen of 40 m² over the full 24 m² width
  • Basic licence for 1124 visitors, extension to 2,000 visitors possible

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Are you looking for a suitable location for a gala or a party? If you want an innovative look and/or want to make a connection with the future (in terms of technology or a young target group), our event location is a unique option. You can also spice up the event with original activities. We have already hosted a number of anniversary celebrations, a fundraising gala and a company party.

The location offers a number of advantages: the stage and mega large LED screen with accompanying light and sound are standard. It is also easy to make your event hybrid so you can live stream or even do a complete TV production. And you can combine your party with gaming activities.

H20 is a campus with over 12,000 m2 of space for gaming, virtual and augmented reality, esports, new media and tech. With various large and small spaces that can be used for different purposes and at the same time an active activity of students, startups and companies, your conference will come to life in the new world. On the stage, artists may perform or a DJ. The audio is suitable for the entire stadium.

In addition, you can choose to expand the gala or party with game and VR/AR activities, and the esports lounge café is suitable for receiving VIP guests.

Building up and dismantling Gala

We often work with daily rates in which the build-up and breakdown days are always cheaper. The following items are included in the basic rate:

  • Use of our main stage including LED screens;
  • standard set of stage lights and audio via stadium speakers;
  • 1 microphone set (possibility for more);
  • technical room with management of technical specialists;
  • Half hall hire with possibility of an event for 400-500 visitors (extension possible, chairs not included), the whole hall goes to 1000+ visitors;


Parking is available (free) in Purmerend near H20, and there is also a train station 600 metres from our venue. Depending on the number of guests, there is a possibility for parking attendants. Do you have plans for a conference and does the above and our concept appeal to you? We cordially invite you to come and see our venue. You can also request a detailed quotation directly for your gala, company party, anniversary or celebration.