Esports & Gaming Experience Tour with VR / HADO

  • Programme
  • 3 hours of gaming fun
  • VR, HADO, Sim racing, Interactive Game Wall and PC / PS5 gaming
  • Suitable for all ages
  • one drink included, optional with lunch, dinner or appetizers
  • From €54.50 p.p.
  • Equipment
  • VR and AR sets
  • Sim racing Playseats
  • Best hardware from Alienware, HyperX and Philips

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This package is the perfect outing for groups and companies who want an innovative activity, but are not yet familiar with the world of gaming. Your party will go through short game experiences to familiarize themselves with the world of gaming and tech sports. This package is highly rated by people of all ages!

What does this arrangement look like?


You will be welcomed in our Lounge Café or VR center with coffee/tea and cake, or extend the package with lunch, dinner or appetizers. When the group is complete, we will call everyone together for the start of the company outing at H20!


There are 5 experiences on the program that provide a fun mix of adrenaline, relaxation and interaction. On the program is racing in a professional sim racing chair, which everyone finds surprisingly fun. In addition, you are going to play ball on our interactive esports wall in a whole new way, and of course PC gaming is also on the program. Then you will also discover the new world of Virtual Reality with VR racing, VR games and HADO, the digital dodgeball. 

Food and drink

After gaming and exercise, it's time for lunch, dinner or drinks with appetizers. 

Need help?

Want to organize a team/corporate outing with more than 10 people, which best suits your needs and company? Fill out the request form here and we will be happy to help you!



Frequently asked questions

How long in advance do we need to be there?

15 minutes in advance so you can start your meeting or game activity on time.

Can I book additional players at the last minute?

Yes you can, these are settled after the event.