HADO Children's Party (Trefball but cooler)

  • Programme
  • 90 minutes of gaming fun! And 30 minutes of eating/drinking.
  • Includes a bag of chips and an UNLIMITED lemonade!
  • For 6 to 12 people
  • For ages 8 and up
  • Augmented Reality Trefball
  • Sport & exercise in a new dimension
  • Under the guidance of a HADO specialist
  • Equipment
  • Augmented Reality technology
  • Everything works on Apple Iphones and Ipods!


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Trefball is still very popular with kids during gym classes, but H20 offers TREFBAL 3.0 through the new Japanese sport and game HADO. This is the 1st sport in the world that combines traditional sport (and thus exercise) with gaming through augmented reality (AR). During this HADO children's party, the children will explore this game / sport in 3 steps. And there is plenty of time to try out a number of other games (in Virtual Reality). And it is guaranteed to deliver a unique experience that has always been rated with 5 stars so far!


What does this HADO children's party look like?


You will be welcomed by one of our facilitators at the H20 VR Gaming Center on Cantekoogweg 5. While enjoying a glass of lemonade, the facilitator will explain what's on the program. When the group is complete, the HADO children's party can begin!

Trefball 3.0

After a brief explanation by our HADO trainer, you start the action almost immediately! The glasses are put on and you can start right away. The glasses are equipped in such a way that you can still see each other. This prevents nausea. Via so-called "hadoken" (powerful energy balls) you throw balls just like in dodgeball or dodgeball to defeat the opponent. Up to 3 versus 3 can be played different rounds. The rounds can be played at different levels. This leads to a real final round!

VR Experience

After an hour of vigorous exercise, we finish the party with another half-hour VR Experience. The program features a mix of various VR sports in All-in-one Sports VR. Think baseball, tennis, table tennis, boxing, darts and more. We also have the option of gaming on a Playstation to take a break from the VR world!


NEW: Explore the world from your kayak with Kayak VR: Mirage at H20 VR Gaming Center in Purmerend. Explore locations such as Antarctica, Costa Rica, Norway and Australia. Relax under the Aurora Australis or admire dolphins and penguins. Realistic sound effects and haptic feedback make every paddle stroke lifelike. Whether you want to enjoy the scenery or race against friends, this game offers something for everyone. Discover the perfect blend of game and sport.

Food and drink

After you are gamed out, there will be a moment to take a group photo. Afterwards you can reminisce with a nice bag of chips and UNLIMITED lemonade. If dietary requirements, please indicate this when booking the children's party in the comments section.


Learn more about HADO: https://www.hado-sports.com/nl

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Frequently asked questions

I want to book a children's party! What next?

You book the children's party online through this website. After you place a booking, you will be contacted within a few days to further discuss the party.

On the day, a member of our staff will receive you at the VR Center (Cantekoog 5) to make it a fun party together! You are welcome from 15 minutes before the party starts!

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes, it is possible to bring your own cake for the children. Please indicate this in advance in the telephone conversation with the employee of H20 after booking. In addition to bringing your own cake, you will also need to bring your own plates and cutlery and dispose of any garbage in the appropriate bins.

Please note that bringing cake to a children's party is an exception to our house rules. Bringing your own food and drinks is not permitted.

Should a parent/guide be present during the children's party?

Yes, due to the age approval of some games, a parent/guardian must supervise. In addition, our staff expects parents/supervisors to take responsibility regarding the children's behavior.

Do I also have to pay for the parents/guardians?

No, up to 2 persons may enter for free. These persons act as supervisors during gaming and do not actively play along themselves. Furthermore, the supervisors do receive a fries, snack and a drink. Additional supervisors can pay extra on location.