Virtually Everything

  • Programme
  • 2 hours of VR fun
  • Different VR experiences
  • Under the guidance of a VR specialist
  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • one drink included, optional with lunch, dinner or appetizers
  • From € 38.50 p.p.
  • Equipment
  • VR headsets
  • Red Bull Racing x Playseat Racing seats

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With this package you will experience Virtual Reality gaming in many forms with a group of colleagues or friends/family. In the H20 VR Game Centre you can experience VR with 10 colleagues at the same time. You can experience VR actively, passively, educationally, inspiringly and with fun. Due to the size of the venue and the numbers of VR spots (more than 10) there is a lot of active play time. 


What does this arrangement look like?


You will be received in the H20 VR Game Centre at the Cantekoogweg 5 in Purmerend. After a welcome with coffee/tea and cake we start the virtual reality gaming activities.



We start right away with HADO. The nice thing about HADO is that it only takes a short explanation and everyone can quickly join in. It is explained step by step how the game is played and how you get more and more options in 3 levels. The games last 80 seconds each time so it is not too heavy. After an hour of HADO we move on to Virtual Reality.



Per session, groups can participate in teams of two to four simultaneously in the VR Hero Zone Experience. This is a Free Roam VR experience. You can see, hear and feel each other in the game. Every step you take in the real world is translated 1 to 1 in the virtual world.

Each player gets VR glasses with built-in headphones and 2 guns and a Haptic vest. A Haptic vest allows you to feel everything about the virtual world. Before the Free Roam VR experience gets underway, the group will receive detailed instructions on how to operate our equipment and the gaming environment.


Virtual Reality

After a short explanation video, we can quickly start the action. The group is divided into subgroups which can all get in on the action at the same time (depending on the size of the group). Between the different parts there is a break to catch up with each other after which the next part begins. The program contains a mix of various VR Games, such as Beat Saber, Elven Assassin, HoopsVR and VR Racing. 



After all these experiences there is time to talk some more while enjoying a bittergarnituur and drink (soft/beer/wine). There is also the possibility to add a drink, lunch or dinner.


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Frequently asked questions

How long in advance do we need to be there?

15 minutes in advance so you can start your meeting or game activity on time.

Can I book additional players at the last minute?

Yes you can, these are settled after the event.