HADO AR Trefball

  • Programme
  • Introduction to HADO, the new techno sport
  • Different levels are played
  • Experience augmented reality and comfortable sports in 1
  • VR/AR Gaming Center offers side activities
  • Incl. 1 drink
  • For 6 to 18 people
  • Equipment
  • Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Large viewing screen


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HADO is the first sport in the world to combine traditional sport with gaming through augmented reality (AR). This package is a perfect introduction to this new sport. Anyone who does this for the first time will love it! Movement, new technology and an old game all get a new look. This sport can now be played in over 35 countries worldwide and therefore also at H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam (in Purmerend). HADO has many similarities with gaming and resembles dodgeball. Using so-called "hadoken" (powerful energy balls) you throw balls just like in dodgeball to beat your opponent.


HADO introduction


You will be received at the H20 VR Gaming Center at the Cantekoogweg 5 in Purmerend. Here is the opportunity to have another cup of coffee or tea. Then we will start the activity.


Playing HADO!

We start right away with HADO. The great thing about HADO is that it only needs a short explanation and everyone can join in quickly. This introduction explains step by step how the game is played and how you get more and more options in three levels. The games last 80 seconds each, so that it does not become too difficult. In the end, a small tournament is played and a winner emerges. This package is the perfect introduction to this new sport. Afterwards you will know the basic skills and you will have gained a unique experience.



The winners are announced and honored. We will chat and enjoy a drink of your choice (soda/beer/wine).


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