Setback for H20 during rebuilding

H20 rebuilding
Unique projects require unique challenges. This has become clear at H20 esports in recent weeks. While the renovation of the Rabo esports Stadium - phase 1 of the business plan - is going according to plan, there are unexpected setbacks. Postponing the opening - which was planned for this year - seems irreversible. A setback for H20...

A cocktail of bad news

Matthijs Vink, who manages the construction team on behalf of H20: "It was a cocktail of less positive news in recent weeks. First of all, it was necessary to install a heavier electrical connection for the esports stage with LED screen. Due to a maximum delivery time of 18 weeks, we requested this at an early stage. However, we have been told that delivery cannot take place within this maximum. We are waiting for a new date. Alternatives are being investigated."

Exterior versus interior

Vink continued: "Apart from this, the renovation on the outside of the Rabo esports Stadium has yet to begin. The Municipality of Purmerend has released budget for overdue maintenance. However, the tender has not yet been awarded and delivery times and execution are running late due to tightness in the construction world. Partly due to work on the roof and side walls that still needs to take place, no equipment can be placed in the stadium until then. This is too great a risk for the esports equipment and stage. But there is also positive news: the rest of the renovation , such as the installation of all screeds and the durable anhydrite floor in the stadium is progressing well! The outlines of how the rooms, all with an anhydrite floor, and central entrance and the are going to be are already visible."

Leakage and air conditioning

"And as if that wasn't enough, there was a leak during the work. The exact cause is still being investigated by our contractor, who took immediate action. We also found that the air conditioning had not been working for some time. So additional work is needed here too."
Vink finally: "What we find very annoying is that we cannot yet plan the exact opening. This creates uncertainty, also for our people. In recent weeks, we have had more than 15 applicants for various vacancies from more than 40 applications. They too will have to be patient for a while yet.
The good news is that we have already received some initial applications for events, team outings and our gaming club. Partners are also joining in and showing interest. We have noticed that everyone in the gaming and esports world is very enthusiastic about our plans and we hope to be able to bring positive news about the opening soon. Despite this setback for H20, we continue to work hard to open as soon as possible!"