From 2 March Ruud Gullit is looking for the best FIFA talent in The Next E-Talent

On 2 March Ruud Gullit will be looking for the best FIFA talent in The Next E-Talent by Videoland. In this competition eleven esporters compete in the H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam for a place in Team Gullit. The Next E-Talent is presented by Koen Weijland and besides Weijland, Ruud Gullit and Maarten Sonneveld are the three-member jury.

More than 2500 talents have applied to win a place in Ruud Gullit's FIFA academy team. In The Next E-Talent thirty talents have to prove that they have the necessary skills to get that coveted spot on Team Gullit. After the first episode only eleven talents remain who will take up residence in the H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam. After five episodes there are only four FIFA players left who will fight for eternal glory.

H20 Esports Campus

The H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam will be dedicated to The Next E-Talent for a fortnight. The talents will receive training and coaching from the Team Gullit coaches, play a lot of games amongst themselves, practice their skills and show what they can do in the Weekend League. The participants are under constant supervision of Ruud, Koen and Maarten, but they are not only tested on their FIFA-qualities.


Jay-Jay Boske comes by to see how the talents perform under pressure and multiple MMA world champion Marloes Coenen tests the top sport mentality of the participants during a game of boxing. Andy van der Meijde takes them for an interview in the car and rapper Donnie assesses the creativity of the talents. Tim van Dam, host of football platform 433, will give them a hard time during interviews with matches and Bram Krikke will look at the social skills of the participants.

FIFA personal training, courses and group training

At the H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam we offer the possibility to train FIFA-talents to become full-fledged esports players. This can be done through personal training, but also training together with a group of talents is possible. You can find more about this on our FIFA landing page.

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