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Pupils rebuild 7 Children's Hospitals of Oranje in Minecraft as part of RTL Project Smile

H20 Esports Campus is going to rebuild seven Children's Hospitals of Oranje online, together with its partners. This happens within the framework of RTL Project Smile, in which various programs, channels and partners of RTL donate money to the Foundation Children's Hospitals of Orange. RTL Project Smile starts on Monday 13 December and ends on Friday 17 December.
This Monday we will start to rebuild the seven children's hospitals in Minecraft on an actual scale. Of course, we will not do this alone. We are voluntarily aided by children, pupils and students who, together with the expertise of H20, will achieve a fantastic result.
We are still looking for experienced Minecraft builders who can help us bring this project to a successful conclusion. These youngsters can register at to register for the Minecraft Hospital Heroes. We need a lot of builders, so there is always a place available.

Minecraft Hospital Heroes

The Minecraft Hospital Heroes consist of a number of partners who are active within the H20 Esports Campus, such as Minecraft architect and master builder Thomas Bosch. Thomas has his own company called Cubefields and, just like last year, he is taking on the coordination of the construction.
"This year we are going a step further, because we are now also going to recreate the inside of the children's hospitals. This will make it possible for children to have a look inside before their stay in the hospital. But the children staying in the children's hospital can also participate in building and continue to build in order to make their stay more pleasant. Again, we hope that many schoolchildren and students will help us to achieve our goal of building all children's hospitals in the Netherlands," said Thomas Bosch.
During the challenge, Bosch will lead the Minecraft construction team of the Minecraft Hospital Heroes via the online platform Discord.
In addition, every day this week free Minecraft workshops will be given by Toine Rohner of Twaanlab from 17.00 to 17.30 hrs. Miranda Huybers will also help to build the children's hospitals with her esports team Team Wall and several influencers. Faber Audiovisuals will also contribute to the livestream and video production.
Donations are welcome per hospital, but it is also possible to donate money to the entire Project Smile.

Successful edition

It is not the first time that H20 Esports Campus is dedicated to the Minecraft Hospital Heroes. During the Minecraft Hospital Heroes 2020, 200 pupils rebuilt dozens of Dutch hospitals on an actual scale in the video game Minecraft. The event ultimately raised more than 20,000 euros for charities and staff associations, including the Dijklander Hospital in Purmerend.
Dirk Tuip, H20-CEO: "The idea of doing something for RTL Project Smile came from the contacts we made last year, and after that the link to building the children's hospitals in Minecraft was quickly made."
By rebuilding the hospitals, H20 can offer students an educational challenge that will allow them to go into the Christmas holidays with the experience of having built real hospitals to scale together with others. "We hope that schools and teachers will help spread the word about this action among their students so that we can show how gaming can contribute to skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication and, of course, tech," Tuip said.
Those who are not building can of course follow the construction live at!

Experience the coolest Gaming Holiday Camps with your favourite YouTuber from 10 to 14 August 2020!

Have the kids been playing games at home all summer? Then we would like to challenge them to come and visit the Game Walhalla of Europe in the Rabo Esports Stadium! This will be the coolest summer holiday with Gaming Holiday Camps because several well-known YouTubers will visit us during this week! In the week of Monday 10 August to Friday 14 August, it's time for our Gaming Holiday Camps.

During the Gaming Holiday Camps, kids between the ages of 8 - 13 will play out all aspects of the H20 Esports Campus. They will sit in professional Racing Seats to drive the fastest lap in Formula 1, play tournaments in Fortnite and Rocket League with the Playstation, play sports on the interactive Esports Walls and much more!

Interactive sports programme
The interactive sports programme on the Esports Walls ensures that kids get plenty of exercise. In addition, a special sports activity has been set up outside with free-running, football and basketball. Be sure to bring your sports outfit, it's going to be sweaty!

Every day we close with a show from your favourite game heroes, the show is from 14:30 - 16:00. See the programme of the YouTubers here:

Practical information
The activity leaders are specialists who can tell you the latest tips and tricks. After 16:00 you can have your picture taken with your favourite gamer and receive an esports certificate! The kids can be picked up again from 16:30 from the H20 Esports Campus at Spinnekop 2, 1444GN Purmerend.

One day costs €75, - incl. VAT, per child. Register now for one or more days. Attention, full = full!

Netherlands' largest gaming centre restarts with various summer activities

Are you not going on holiday this year and are you looking for a fun group or family activity? Or do you still need to celebrate your son's or daughter's children's party? Then the Rabo Esports Stadium on the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend is certainly worth a visit. This is the largest gaming centre in the Netherlands. After a period in which the campus was forced to close its doors, the largest Esports Gaming Centre of the Netherlands will reopen on Saturday the 4th of July. The official opening will follow later. For families we designed special Esports Experience Tours, for children we organise Gaming Holiday Camps and of course the best children's parties.

Sjaak Kuil, manager of esports gaming activities: 'We've been itching to reopen for weeks, but it has to be done in a responsible and safe way. June we found too early. At this location we are quickly up to 30 people, so this relaxation was not enough for us to open the doors. Saturday 4 July is still under reserve. The government has yet to confirm that we can receive 100 people from July onwards, but in the meantime we look forward to this with confidence.

Special birthday parties for children between 16 March and 30 May

A lot of children's parties will have been cancelled in recent months. For those who had a birthday between 16 March and 30 May, we have a special offer! The birthday boy or girl will receive a cool gift that of course has to do with gaming. Fortnite children's parties, Minecraft Masters, flying with drones, Virtual Reality or interactive sports, or a combination of all this, for boys and girls from 7 years of age there is plenty to do. Our range of children's parties is growing every week and can be seen at 

H20 Gaming holiday camps

The H20 gaming holiday camps are intended for boys and girls aged 7 to 12. During the summer holidays, children can compete with their peers in a lifelike gaming arena in various games such as Fortnite, FIFA 20 and Rocket League. In addition, they can race like Max Verstappen on a Formula 1 circuit in one of our racing seats. 

Besides gaming, we also pay attention to sports and games. We think it is important to get a lot of exercise during the day. We have interactive gaming walls where you are challenged to get the best out of yourself. That means running and flying as well. Children can register for one or more days. 

Unique day out with the Esports Experience Tour

The H20 Esports Experience Tour is a unique tour through the largest esports & gaming centre in Europe. During the tour participants will get information about the history, the present and the future of esports. During this tour one looks through the eye of the gamer, the viewer or parent, but also through the eye of the child. The H20 Esports Experience Tour is a unique experience for young and old! In about 1,5 hour you will learn more about all the activities that the H20 Esports Campus and the Rabo Esports Stadium offer. 

Play Rocket League in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie!

Rocket League players pay attention, you can join the newest tournament of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie! Gamers First, our proud partner of the Rabo Esports Stadium, is joining forces with the Keuken Kampioen Divisie to host the Esports Fan Tournament featuring Rocket League.

The online tournament takes place on Saturday 16 May and starts at 12.00 hours. The whole event will be broadcasted live from the Rabo Esports Stadium on the H20 Esports Campus on the YouTube channel of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and the Twitch channel of Inside Esports. Teams represent one of the sixteen Keuken Kampioen Clubs in the new tournament.

Teams can register for the tournament as of today via the website of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. The teams consist of at least three players, where substitutes are allowed. The tournament consists of a group phase and a knock-out phase, in which two teams in the final will decide who is the champion of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie Esports Fan Tournament.

Keuken Kampioen Divisie steps into esports

With the launch of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie Esports, it is the first time that the Keuken Kampioen Divisie steps into Esports. The current football-free period is seized upon to give fans the opportunity to defend the honour of one of the sixteen Keuken Kampioen Divisie clubs, from home, by means of a fan tournament. To compete for the very first title of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie Esports Fan Tournament.

Practical information:
Date: Saturday 16 May 2020 from 12.00
Teams: Maximum 3 players (substitutions allowed)
Registration via: (registration is possible until Monday 11 May 2020)
Broadcasts via: YouTube & Twitch

The complete broadcast will be done from the Rabo Esports Stadium at the H20 Esports Campus. Keep an eye on our website and socials for all upcoming game tournaments within the H20 Esports Campus.

Inspirational breakfast session organised at H20 Campus

Breakfast session at the H20 campus
At H20, SearchUser, QStylez and Dunion organised a breakfast session on Friday 24 January with a large turnout. H20's catering took the time to prepare a breakfast for the participants. Those who participated in the breakfast session could follow three inspiring presentations and of course there was time to network and ask questions. 

Matthijs Vink, co-founder of H20, opened the session with a short intro. He explained H20 and its vision: To become the number one ecosystem in Europe for the development of the next generation through gaming, esports and creative technology.

A future-proof website

Ron Steur gave a presentation from QStylez about the process needed to build a future-proof website. The presentation showed, among other things, how a website should function and which web design trends are relevant. QStylez recommends using WordPress as a tool and content management system (CMS).

E-commerce & Marketplace Marketing

Randy Duin gave a presentation from Dunion. E-commerce is the online sale of goods at B2C, B2B or C2C level. During the presentation he explained how to generate traffic via the right channels. How to monitor campaigns based on data analysis and what the best way is for website optimisation. In addition They explained Marketplace Marketing. This is selling products and services by using an external B2C, B2B or C2C e-commerce platform. Randy explained the advantages and disadvantages of using Marketplace Marketing.

Marketing Automation

Patrick Schokker gave a presentation from SearchUser about Marketing Automation. It allows you to speed up the sales process and automate marketing processes with the right message at the right time. During the presentation the advantages of Marketing Automation were explained. Patrick explained how the software exactly works and how it contributes positively to the customer journey.
Would you also like to organise a company event? Then mail to

H20 Esports organised the first teambuilding event in December!

Friday the 13th of December the first gaming related teambuilding event was organised by H20 esports. During this event, 15 team leaders of Peopleware IT got a presentation of H20 with the following objective: Applying esports in teambuilding and making the bridge to business clear.

Esports as team building

Anyone who plays esports knows that teamwork is the most important thing in winning a team game. Coming up with strategies and adapting your way of working according to the situation is very important. Switching and communicating with your teammates happens at lightning speed. It is therefore crucial that you understand each other and have an understanding for each other's decisions.


The players of Peopleware IT received a presentation from H20 esports about gaming and the bridge to business. By means of a cooperation with Fariko Gaming the day was completely filled. It was explained how Esports can be applied in the business world. Also, by means of some examples of psychology, it was explained how you can predict certain actions of others. This claim was again supported with examples and videos from real Esports matches.
The aim of this presentation was to encourage the participants to think differently. By means of Esports, the participants were taken into the picture of team gaming and how this can make a team more powerful and efficient. Of course there was also gaming! Namely a few games of team-deathmatch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!
After a number of matches, an analysis was made of the teamwork within the game. These findings were then linked to teamwork issues that recur in the business world and how to solve them faster and better. The day ended with a delicious drink and snack on the H20 Campus.

Would you also like to experience a teambuilding event?

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China big winner of the League of Legends World Cup, the biggest esports event in the world.

League of Legends winners

The Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix has just won the final of the world championship of the video game League of Legends. More than 100 million people are expected to have watched the live stream of the final match. The match was played in a packed arena with spectators.

The Chinese won 3-0 against the European team G2 Esports. Not entirely a surprise, say the experts.

"The hope was that the European team would win, but actually that was against our better judgement. The level of the Chinese teams is just that little bit higher," says Ward Geene of the website Esports Club. "The competition in that region is very strong. A lot of talent is being developed there. For a long time, South Korea was at the top, for example."

The final of the League of Legends World Championships is the biggest event in the world of esports in terms of viewers. Last year, 99.6 million people watched the final via the livestream. The Chinese team Invictus Gaming won. In comparison: the Super Bowl - the final of the American football season - was watched by 114.5 million people last year.

Geene expects that with this afternoon's final a new ratings record has been set. "League of Legends has been the biggest game in esports for years and in terms of viewing figures it hasn't reached its peak yet. There was a European and a Chinese team in the final again this year, so both in Europe and in China a huge number of people will have been watching."

FunPlus Phoenix gets to share a few million euros after winning this afternoon. The team also receives a trophy with an accompanying case, specially made by the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.


Gamers First and H20 esports make full-stop Dutch-language broadcast of DreamHack next week

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (18-20 October) it is finally time. A large international community of gamers and esports fans are expected in AHOY for DreamHack: the world's largest digital festival comes to the Benelux for the first time. DreamHack's parent organisation from Sweden has offered esports broadcaster Gamers First the opportunity to make a Dutch-language broadcast. 
Follow all CS:GO games at Inside Esports on Twitch, Fox Sports or, live on 18/19/20 October. The presentation is in the hands of Mike de Jongh, and the matches are casted by the duo Jerre van den Berg and Twan van den Berg. With the help of partners H20 esports, Rabobank and the Municipality of Purmerend, Dutch gaming and esports fans will be able to experience everything for three days. 

DreamHack - from LAN Party to gaming lifestyle festival

DreamHack started in 1994 as a LAN party, but has grown into the largest gaming lifestyle festival in the world with 11 stops in 8 countries on 3 continents. This year, DreamHack is collaborating with Rotterdam AHOY for the first time. DreamHack is part of the Rotterdam Games Week. People come here to watch well-known streamers and the best esports players at major tournaments, such as CS:GO (100,000 dollars) and Dota 2 (250,000 dollars), or to play for themselves at the expo or the non-stop Trust Gaming LAN Party.

Inside Esports on Twitch, Fox Sports or

Joost Roset, owner of Gamers First: "For years we have been trying to make esports better known to a larger audience through live broadcasts of esports matches. When DreamHack offered us this opportunity, we wanted to take it. However, making broadcasts is costly, because of the deployment of various specialists. We are therefore pleased that the main partners of our new home in Purmerend have stepped in. H20 esports, Rabobank and the Municipality of Purmerend now make this broadcast possible. Apart from our well-known Twitch channel InsideEsports, we will also push the live broadcast to the platform of the Algemeen Dagblad and finally on Fox Sports. 

Photo: Gabriel Kulig (

H20 esports and Rabo Esports Stadium

Dirk Tuip, initiator of H20 esports: "For H20 esports this broadcast was not the first priority. We are in the middle of a challenging renovation of the future Rabo Esports Stadium. However, the past few years we have seen that we have to make sure that esports gets more attention from the general public and this is a great opportunity to contribute to that. We want to collaborate with as many parties as possible to raise the level of esports. This is also a great way to bring attention to our opening, planned for early 2020, together with our partner Rabobank and the Municipality of Purmerend.

H20 in the news

Wednesday 29 May was the official launch of H20. After years of preparation, the world finally got to know about H20's great ambitions. Under the watchful eye of local, regional and national media, initiators Dirk Tuip and Matthijs Vink talked about the plans on behalf of Stichting H20. After the launch, the initiative was picked up by several media, including the AD. Below is an overview of the media items about H20 esports.

This is what the future 'game arena' for e-sports looks like
A former sports hall in Purmerend will be converted into a 'game arena' and will open its doors in the autumn for what is to become 'the Papendal for Esports & Gaming'.
H20 AD video

BNR Radio

BNR Radio interviewed Matthijs Vink.

Esports Club

Dutch esports campus H20 announced
An esports campus is coming to Purmerend. The former school building and the accompanying sports hall Regio College and De Koogmolen will be transformed into the H20 Campus, a project that should put The Netherlands on the map in terms of esports. Besides offering gamers the opportunity to develop themselves as professional players, the location also offers the possibility for large-scale events thanks to an arena. H20 also wants to help young people's passion to flourish in future work, whether in esports or any other field. Read more >>
Screenshot Tweet esportsclub about H20

Family sheet

Purmerend on the map of the gaming industry
Dirk Tuip, Matthijs Vink and Johan de Punder prepare for the future. The future of H20, the future of Purmerend and the future of our next generation. H20 will be the largest (10,000 m2) permanent gaming centre, tech campus and esports stadium in Europe. A place where students, startups and companies interact daily, learn from each other and get inspired. And before the end of the year, the doors of H20 will be opened. Read more >>

Greater Waterland

Largest permanent esports gaming centre of Europe 10.000m2 in Amsterdam Waterland
Europe's largest permanent gaming centre and esports stadium (10.000 m2) will be located in Purmerend (Amsterdam Waterland). After years of preparation the world may finally know about H20's big ambitions. Under the watchful eye of local, regional and national media, initiators Dirk Tuip and Matthijs Vink talked about the plans on behalf of Stichting H20. Read more >>

Leidsch Dagblad

Leidsch Dagblad H20 article
*Click on the article to enlarge the image.

Noordhollands Dagblad

New e-sports campus of H20 in Purmerend should attract around 100,000 visitors by 2020
Spinnekop H20 foundation cannot be denied ambition. The initiators want to open a centre for gaming, e-sports and creative tech in Purmerend and are counting on 100,000 visitors next year. Read more >>

Noordhollands Dagblad

Largest permanent esports and gaming centre in Europe coming to Purmerend
Big tournaments with lots of fans in the stands cheering on the fanatical gamers who in turn compete for fat prize pools. That is the world of gamers and esports. And Purmerend must become the esports and gaming Walhalla of Europe. Read more >> Or download the article as PDF here.

RTV Purmerend

Purmerend gets accommodation for online gaming and international game competitions
The renovation of sports hall De Koogmolen, the site of the new gaming accommodation, will start in June and open its doors in October. The hall will offer Purmerend space for eSports; a place for online gaming and international game competitions combined with traditional sports such as table tennis, pool and air hockey. The hall will be the showpiece of Stichting H20, which will be opening an ICT campus in the adjacent school building on Spinnekop in January 2020. Read more >>

RTV Purmerend

Presentation H20 in sports hall the Koogmolen (video)
RTV video H20 presentation

New Volendam

The weekly magazine in the municipality of Edam/Volendam could not stay behind either. Here the piece by Eddy Veerman about esports and gaming stadium in Edam / Volendam.

piece in NIVO Edam / Volendam about Esports and Gaming Centre

Press event: 29 May launch of Europe's largest esports & gaming centre

On Wednesday 29 May, the official announcement event of H20 Campus: a centre for Gaming Esports and Creative Tech with 10,000 m2 of gaming arena / stadium, coworking & incubator, on a campus in Purmerend (Amsterdam Waterland). Below the invitation sent to press and media.

Best relationship,
We cordially invite you to attend the announcement event of H20 Campus - Europe's largest Esports & Gaming Hub on Wednesday 29 May from 16.00 to 18.00 at Spinnekop 1 in Purmerend.
Date: Wednesday, 29 May, from 16:00 to 18:00
Location: Spinnekop 1, Purmerend
The former school building and sports hall [Regio College and De Koogmolen] in Purmerend will be converted and open its doors in the autumn for what is to become 'the Papendal for Esports & Gaming'.
This is an exclusive introduction moment for press and partners to get acquainted with the H20 concept, visit the campus (under reconstruction) and engage in a conversation with initiators, esports players and partners. Various parties from the games industry will be present to confirm how they see H20 and why it will be a place for 'Developing the Next Generation via Esports & Gaming'.

Dirk Tuip - founder

Dirk Tuip, former athlete, CEO of startup FacilityApps and one of the founders of H20, explains: "With H20 Campus we are realising a dream we have been working on for years. H20 will be a platform for Developing the Next Generation through gaming, esports and creative tech. Esports is a strong growth market with which youth and young adults feel strongly connected. With H20 Campus we bring worlds together and explicitly connect with training and education. Gamers, esporters and influencers are the developers of the future. During the reception on 29 May, we will explain our plans in detail."

Mario Hegger - alderman of the municipality of Purmerend

Purmerend alderman Mario Hegger: "With the arrival of the H20 Campus, Purmerend, as a centrally located town within the Amsterdam metropolitan region, will become the magnet for gaming and the technology of the future. This will open doors to major economic opportunities and tap into new markets and talents. I also think it's important that H20 starts a dialogue with young people about responsible online behaviour. It is also good to see that attention is being paid to the new trend of combining gaming and physical exercise. From all these social and economic angles, we see great opportunities and are therefore happy to support H20."

First look at total concept H20 Esports Game centre

On 29 May, H20 will open its old doors for a first look at the concept. A groundbreaking full-body gaming experience, prominent guest speakers and examples of the concept are part of this exclusive event. We would like to invite you to this occasion.
16:00 - 16.30 walk-in
16.30 Start programme
17.00 - 18.00 Opportunity to ask questions, see the concept and have a networking drink.
Please register in advance by sending an email to More info about H20 can be found at
With kind regards, on behalf of Stichting H20 and the Municipality of Purmerend,
Dirk Tuip, Matthijs Vink and Johan de Punder
Initiators H20