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Rabobank extends sponsorship deal with H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam

Rabobank recently renewed its sponsorship contract with H20. Three years ago, Rabobank and H20 joined forces to bring young people together in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam and to stimulate innovation among creative tech startups. The platform for gaming, esports and creative tech developed so successfully that parties decided to extend the cooperation.

A place for education, connection and innovation
Three years ago H20 developed the Esports Tech Campus Amsterdam at Spinnekop in Purmerend. On this campus of more than 12,000 m2 stands the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In this largest esports gaming centre of the Netherlands, young game and esports talent meet and are trained for a future in creative tech. The campus is home to various educational institutions, including Horizon College and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and to more than 50 companies and innovative startups. Rabobank was one of the first sponsors of the platform.

Eric Zwart, director of the Rabobank cooperative: "As a locally committed bank, Rabobank looks at the social return when it comes to sponsorship. With this sponsorship, we invest in social cohesion by training young people for the jobs of the future, we create business space for creative tech start-ups and we want to be a catalyst for economic growth. The campus is a place for education, connection and innovation."

The digital generation
Rabobank was involved as a partner right from the start of the H20 Esports Tech Campus Amsterdam. Co-founder H20 Esports Tech Campus Matthijs Vink: "That such a solid party as Rabobank connects its name to you, gives a lot of confidence." The H20 Esports Tech Campus Amsterdam is unique in the world. Matthijs: "This is a place where entertainment takes place, where education is followed and where you can develop a business. We are the way to the new generation. Everyone struggles to find suitable staff, but with us the young talents are walking around!"

Esports, gaming and creative tech have a broad scope. Matthijs: "Technology is playing an increasingly important role in business. Gamification, the application of game techniques in non-game environments, is used to optimise business processes, for example. So if you think, as an entrepreneur, that we have nothing to do with gaming, remember that there is a big chance that your future employees do.

A better world
Eric Zwart is pleased that Rabobank has extended its main sponsorship of H20. Eric: "The cooperation between young people, the municipality, education and the business community makes this campus unique. We are fully committed to the future. Founder of H20 Dirk Tuip is currently busy with the area development around the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In this special place, we are all working together towards a better world!

H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam establishes partnership with renowned audio manufacturer Shure

H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam establishes partnership with renowned audio manufacturer Shure

H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam announces a partnership with Shure to provide an outstanding audio experience for H20's guests and customers. Shure products are used worldwide by some of the best content creators, streamers, gamers and in the best podcasts. H20 will receive Shure MV7 microphones and the QLX-D Digital Wireless System as part of the partnership.

"We are excited to partner with H20 to support a new generation of gamers and streamers. The professional gaming industry is a priority for us and we want to nurture it not only by providing excellent gear, but also by establishing partnerships that facilitate the development of esports," said Christian Husingen, Associate Director, Consumer Audio at Shure. "H20 Esports Campus is a unique place where tech talent can come together, learn from each other and grow and we are proud to be an active part of it."

With this partnership, members and visitors of H20 will have access to Shure equipment in the different rooms of H20. Shure products will provide impeccable audio at events, workshops and post-game interviews, allowing everyone to get the most out of their gaming and streaming experience.

"The cooperation with Shure enables us to offer the necessary extra quality to our guests and clients of the Esports Campus. For streaming, stage presentations as well as broadcasting, Shure's products allow us to take the next step in facilitating a top production for esports productions, gaming related events as well as conferences in our Rabo Esports Stadium," said Matthijs Vink, Co-Founder and CCO of H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam.

Mastering the game

H20 has chosen the dynamic MV7 Podcast microphone from Shure. The MV7 is a premium product for content creators because of its seamless integration into gaming, streaming and podcast setups. The MV7 has both USB and XLR connectivity, which can be used individually or simultaneously. In addition, the partnership also provides H20 with the QLX-D digital wireless system, which comes into its own at major events organised at H20.

Shure's partnership with H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam highlights its commitment to esports by bringing the best audio experience to today's generation of gamers and content creators.

Vacancy: H20 seeks OMEN Gaming Club employee

The H20 Esports Campus is the platform for developing the next generation through gaming, Esports and creative tech. It is part of the startup and tech ecosystem in Amsterdam. The campus boasts the Rabo Esports Stadium, the Gaming Club and our newest feature: the H20 Virtual Sports Centre, which recently opened its doors. With more than 12,000 m2 H20 Esports Campus is a Valhalla for the new generation. 

Are you a fan of gaming and Esports? Then you might be the colleague we are looking for! As Gaming Club employee you are the living business card of H20 Esports Campus. You are the contact person for the visitors of the Gaming Club. As host/hostess you are part of the team that makes sure the Gaming Club and the H20 Virtual Sports Centre is operational every day. You welcome gamers who have booked a number of hours of gaming credits, want to play the coolest games and help them on their way. Where necessary, you give tips, help with any technical issues and make their visit such an experience that they really want to come back. 

In addition, H20 Esports also organises activities for young and old, such as children's parties, company outings and tech courses. You can also be deployed to accompany these activities. You put everyone at ease with your open attitude and hospitality. You make sure that all guests leave with a smile on their face. At events (think of company parties, game festivals, esports tournaments) you support the event manager where necessary and you make sure everything is arranged down to the last detail. 

All in all, no day at H20 is the same! 

This is what we ask of you: 

- You are social, customer-friendly, have good communication skills, are not afraid to stand in front of a group and above all, gaming is your thing! 

- You find it easy to approach people and you enjoy meeting new people; - Technical/game questions you enjoy solving for our guests. 

- You are representative; You think ahead so that everything runs smoothly and above all you go for a great experience for everyone who is a guest at H20. 

- You do what is necessary for the best experience of our guests. 

- Are you already on Twitch and Discord? That's a big plus! Of course, you will also receive training from us to fully understand the ins and outs of all activities. 

- You are prepared to work weekends, holidays and, if necessary, in the evenings; - You are available for at least one half-day weekend; 

- You are at least 16 years old. 

What do we offer you? 

- It doesn't get any better than this! You will be working in the whale hall of Esports, gaming and VR with great colleagues who all think gaming and Esports are cool. 

- A part-time job with growth potential that is also easy to combine with your studies. - Varied work in an environment where no day is the same. 

- A competitive salary. 

- Space for personal and professional development. 


Send your motivation and CV to stating 'Vacancy Gaming Club employee'.

First H20 Virtual Sports Centre of the Netherlands opened in Purmerend

On Friday 11 March, the H20 Virtual Sports Centre opened, the first of its kind in the Netherlands. In this new location, visitors can combine the technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with physical exercise, training and sport.

The brand new VR Centre has no less than 400 m2 of gaming space filled with different playgrounds focused on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. With this surface area, the VR Centre becomes the largest sports centre with a focus on these revolutionary technologies in the Netherlands.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated environment or reality that you can view using VR goggles. These goggles block out your senses and register your movements. This makes it feel as if you have entered another world. The possibilities with VR are endless. At the H20 Virtual Sports Centre we use the best equipment from HP.

Augmented Reality (AR) is another form of VR where the technology is an aid. With AR, digital images are added to reality, connecting the virtual world and the real world.

As part of the VR Centre, dozens of games and sports can be played and trained using these technologies. In addition, the VR Centre also offers various possibilities for team building and team/business outings.

Sports and gaming combined

At H20, we find it important that the digital generation does not lose sight of physical exercise and sport. For example, H20 has the Esports Wall where games and sports are combined and this principle is extended to the new VR Centre. Within the VR Centre you can also exercise intensively with the latest techniques such as the NextRound punching bag which measures how you train or you can use VR to cycle, row, race, train, etc.

Visitors can also venture into hybrid games such as HADO, the world's first sport that combines traditional sport with Augmented Reality. HADO combines aspects of the popular fighting game Street Fighter with dodgeball. From H20 and the H20 VR Centre, tournaments and competitions will be organised in collaboration with HADO.

Dirk Tuip, H20-Founder: "We hope that the H20 Virtual Sports Centre will become the ultimate bridge towards traditional sports, allowing them to see what gaming, gamification and the possibilities of new media and tech can offer to athletes, teams and interested parties."

Streamers in Action raise 25,375 euros for Amref Flying Doctors

In the weekend of 18 and 19 February, the Streamers in Action raised over 25,375 euros for Amref Flying Doctors. The money will be used for clean (drinking) water and better healthcare in Africa.

More than twenty popular streamers on the video platform Twitch streamed for over 24 hours from the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend on 18 & 19 February. The goal of the streamers and the parties responsible for this event was to raise as much money as possible for Amref Flying Doctors, the largest African health organisation.

The live stream was hosted by radio DJ and shoutcaster Daniël Lippens and he was also very enthusiastic about this wonderful initiative. "When I was asked to participate, I did not have to think twice. With the donations Amref can provide villages in East Africa with water by constructing wells or train residents to become health care providers, so they can improve the quality of care and also safety for these people."

24 hours live!

The 24-hour stream at H20 Esports Campus was organised in cooperation with Vertigo 6 and Streamdoctors. Together with the staff of H20, the Community Area of H20 was completely transformed into a real livestream studio complete with a radio set, chairs, couches and enough gaming setups for all the streamers.

During the 24-hour stream there was gaming, dancing, cooking and of course a lot of laughter. All for a good cause, of course. In the process, the streamers did not care if they were a little foolish at times.


We would like to thank Streamdoctors, Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR and of course all streamers for the great cooperation and we would like to thank everyone who was generous enough to donate for clean (drinking) water and better healthcare in Africa!

More information on Streamers in Action for Amref'. and the charities they support can be found on the official website: https://www.streamersinactie.en/.

For more information about Amref Flying Doctors and the possibility to donate, go to!

Streamers in action for Amref Flying Doctors in 24-hour stream at H20 Esports Campus

More than fifteen streamers take action during Amref Twitch livestream for clean (drinking) water in East Africa

On 18 and 19 February, over fifteen well-known Twitch streamers will hold a 24-hour live stream marathon to raise as much money as possible for clean (drinking) water and better healthcare in Africa. The 'Streamers in Action' will gather on the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend to stream and do assignments to raise donations for Amref Flying Doctors, the largest African health organisation. The livestream takes place on the video site Twitch and is hosted by radio DJ and caster Daniël Lippens.

Judith Oude Sogtoen, Director Fundraising, Partnerships & Corporate Communications at Amref Flying Doctors: "We looked for new ways to engage and activate a younger audience. This is one of the first times in the Netherlands that a streaming marathon is organised on such a scale for a charity. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the streamers who want to dedicate themselves to Amref and together with their followers contribute to improving water supplies and healthcare in East Africa."

Clean water, good hygiene

Every human being, everywhere in the world, has the right to clean drinking water. Unfortunately, this is not the case in several countries in East Africa. The figures are shocking: at the moment, about 400 million people have no clean drinking water, which is 2 out of 5 people. Dirty drinking water causes diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. More people die from polluted water than from a natural disaster or conflict. On top of that, many of them do not have safe toilets, showers and sinks. This has major consequences: diarrhoea is the main cause of child mortality here. Every year, 430,000 children die as a result of diarrhoea. That is 1,200 children a day. The proceeds of the streaming marathon contribute to the realisation of water and toilet facilities and the training of care workers.

Streamers in action at H20 Esports Campus

Nouxy, Saar, Joost and ShannaNinaNL, among others, are committed to Amref Flying Doctors on the H20 Esports Campus and other well-known guests are also welcomed. They stream on location from their personal channels and all these channels are overseen by an Amref main channel presented by caster Daniël Lippens. During the livestream, several challenges are organised, ranging from playing a video game to outdoor activities for which IRL (In Real Life) backpacks are used. These backpacks make it possible for a streamer to continue the livestream outside via an internet connection.

Daniël Lippens is looking forward to this special livestream, "When I was asked to participate, I did not have to think twice. It is a wonderful initiative and we will try to raise as much money as possible. With the donations Amref can provide villages in East Africa with water by constructing wells or train the inhabitants to be care providers, so that they can improve the quality of care and also safety for these people."

Start of the live stream

Streamers in Action for Amref will be held on 18 and 19 February in the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend. The stream will be kicked off on Friday at 20:00 on Twitch. The expectation is that the final amount will be announced on Saturday around 20:00.

More information on Streamers in Action for Amref'. and the participating streamers can be found on the official website: https://www.streamersinactie.en/. Also keep the Instagram channel of Amref Flying Doctors for updates.


Hado, the sport of the future, comes to H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend

HADO, the new sport of the Netherlands, is coming to the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend. HADO is the first sport in the world that combines traditional sport with gaming through Augmented Reality (AR).
The sport is immensely popular in more than 35 countries worldwide and is already played by millions of people in Japan, the United States, Germany, France and Spain, among others. HADO now sets foot on Dutch soil and is ready to be the first AR sport to conquer the Dutch market. From early December 2021 HADO can be played, in combination with various activities, in the VR / AR centre of H20 that will be opened soon. Do you want to become one of the first HADO masters of the Netherlands? Then come and join us at H20, we are looking for talented players who want to start training right away!

Sport of the future

HADO was conceived in 2014 by Japanese-born Hiroshi Fukuda. As a child, he dreamed of throwing "hadoken" (powerful energy balls) like his favourite character Ryu from the game Street Fighter and defeating opponents. With HADO, Hiroshi realised his dream. In a short time HADO has become the international sport of the future. Professional competitions are organised worldwide, including an annual European Cup and the World Cup in Tokyo. The unique and accessible concept offers players a perfect mix of sport, game and strategy. HADO uses revolutionary technologies to combine movement with gaming elements. This makes HADO a pioneer in the field of recreational and professional sport.

H20 Virtual & Augmented Sports

Dirk Tuip, founder at H20: "Right at the start of H20 we wanted to do something with VR/AR gaming and esports. We set this in motion with the help of our partner HP/Omen. However, this often remained a piece of entertainment, whereas we give gaming and the technology that drives it more substance. We want to offer a physical experience that you can't have at home, preferably with several people at the same time. And we love competition. HADO has all these elements!"
Tuip continues: "HADO is truly the sport of the future. HADO has many characteristics of gaming, new technology and competition, which makes it a perfect fit for our campus. Besides that, we, as former handball players, found it extra cool that HADO is like a 3.0 version of handball. HADO will be incorporated into our gaming and esports activities as part of our 'explore esports' programmes. Also, real fanatics can train and even compete in events and tournaments."


Michiel Verhage, co-founder of HADO Netherlands: "Michael Reibestein and I both have a passion for sports, gaming and technology. Our goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by combining sports and gaming with technology to stimulate the youth to keep moving. We want to realise this with HADO! After our first HADO game we were hooked and started a partnership with meleap inc., the creator of HADO, to make HADO big in the Benelux. We are doing this by building an ecosystem around this new sport by rolling out courses throughout the country with the help of licence holders, organising (inter)national competitions and hosting events."

Collaboration H20

The cooperation between HADO and H20 is the basis for the introduction of HADO as a sport in the Netherlands. Both parties have the intention to make H20 the HADO centre of the Netherlands where national tournaments and competitions will take place with the ultimate goal to organise the European Cup in the Netherlands. Besides that, H20 sees a lot of possibilities to exploit a HADO track successfully, but they also want to organise events in the Rabo Esports Stadium. This way HADO and H20 can show in a spectacular way what is possible with HADO.
Come and see for yourself! Game on!

TOP Autumn - #4 - Conclusion


In the second edition of the Talent Development Programme, some lucky talents are going to work again to become a professional esporter. We have selected seven talents who have the ultimate drive to make it in the world of esports. We will subject these talents to four weekends of workshops, trainings and courses from well-known faces from the sports and esports scene.

Saturday 27 November

The very last TOP weekend of the Autumn Edition has arrived. All TOP talents have worked towards this moment in recent weeks and of course all aspects of the programme will return in the final weekend.
The day started with a workshop by sports psychologist Jan Sleijfer on the so-called '3 batteries' method. This method refers to the recharging of the different batteries in the body that enable our talents to perform optimally. A sensor was attached to the ear of the participants so that Sleijfer could measure different values.
On the basis of these results, the talents can train in a specific way to reduce stress levels and to positively influence the ability to concentrate.

After this hefty morning task it was time for lunch, followed by a final visit to BodyResults in Volendam. The TOP-talents were brought with the H20 Esportsbus to the location where they could exercise freely. Here they were given a full body scan in turn, after which the results were compared to the scan of the first weekend. The results were very surprising for some.
The day ended with a game-athlon. The participants alternately played League of Legends, Rocket League and Formula 1: most TOP talents are very talented in one specific genre. In the end, everyone received points depending on how they had performed. Of course, there could only be one winner and that was Duncan, even though he had never touched League of Legends.
At the end of the day, the talents were brought to the hostel where they could get a good rest for their last day!

Sunday 28 November

The very last day of the TOP Autumn Edition was, of course, about closure. Every TOP talent had a final talk with Dirk Marcellis, who looked at how they had fared the past few weeks and what awaits them in the future.
In the meantime, the talents received tips & tricks from Movament when it comes to ergonomics within gaming and esports. In addition, they could of course play some games before the project was closed.

While the final interviews with the talents were being completed, the family members of the talents started to pour in. Dirk Marcellis and Mike de Jongh gave a nice closing presentation and of course the talents were called up on stage one by one to show the audience what they had learned.
This brings us to the end of the TOP Autumn Edition!

We would like to thank our partners: De Talentenacademie, Jan Sleijfer, BodyResults, Movamento, Maentra Media and Grenade.

Are you the next TOP talent?

Unfortunately, the TOP Autumn Edition has come to an end, but don't worry! In the spring we will start again with a new edition.
Do you want to apply for the Spring Edition of the Talent Development Programme?
Sign up at and maybe you will become the new esports talent of the Netherlands!

Pupils rebuild 7 Children's Hospitals of Oranje in Minecraft as part of RTL Project Smile

H20 Esports Campus is going to rebuild seven Children's Hospitals of Oranje online, together with its partners. This happens within the framework of RTL Project Smile, in which various programs, channels and partners of RTL donate money to the Foundation Children's Hospitals of Orange. RTL Project Smile starts on Monday 13 December and ends on Friday 17 December.
This Monday we will start to rebuild the seven children's hospitals in Minecraft on an actual scale. Of course, we will not do this alone. We are voluntarily aided by children, pupils and students who, together with the expertise of H20, will achieve a fantastic result.
We are still looking for experienced Minecraft builders who can help us bring this project to a successful conclusion. These youngsters can register at to register for the Minecraft Hospital Heroes. We need a lot of builders, so there is always a place available.

Minecraft Hospital Heroes

The Minecraft Hospital Heroes consist of a number of partners who are active within the H20 Esports Campus, such as Minecraft architect and master builder Thomas Bosch. Thomas has his own company called Cubefields and, just like last year, he is taking on the coordination of the construction.
"This year we are going a step further, because we are now also going to recreate the inside of the children's hospitals. This will make it possible for children to have a look inside before their stay in the hospital. But the children staying in the children's hospital can also participate in building and continue to build in order to make their stay more pleasant. Again, we hope that many schoolchildren and students will help us to achieve our goal of building all children's hospitals in the Netherlands," said Thomas Bosch.
During the challenge, Bosch will lead the Minecraft construction team of the Minecraft Hospital Heroes via the online platform Discord.
In addition, every day this week free Minecraft workshops will be given by Toine Rohner of Twaanlab from 17.00 to 17.30 hrs. Miranda Huybers will also help to build the children's hospitals with her esports team Team Wall and several influencers. Faber Audiovisuals will also contribute to the livestream and video production.
Donations are welcome per hospital, but it is also possible to donate money to the entire Project Smile.

Successful edition

It is not the first time that H20 Esports Campus is dedicated to the Minecraft Hospital Heroes. During the Minecraft Hospital Heroes 2020, 200 pupils rebuilt dozens of Dutch hospitals on an actual scale in the video game Minecraft. The event ultimately raised more than 20,000 euros for charities and staff associations, including the Dijklander Hospital in Purmerend.
Dirk Tuip, H20-CEO: "The idea of doing something for RTL Project Smile came from the contacts we made last year, and after that the link to building the children's hospitals in Minecraft was quickly made."
By rebuilding the hospitals, H20 can offer students an educational challenge that will allow them to go into the Christmas holidays with the experience of having built real hospitals to scale together with others. "We hope that schools and teachers will help spread the word about this action among their students so that we can show how gaming can contribute to skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication and, of course, tech," Tuip said.
Those who are not building can of course follow the construction live at!

Go!Gaming opens first esports gaming hall in Pathé Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam

On Friday 17 December Go!Gaming opens its first game hall location in Pathé Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. From Minecraft to Fortnite and from Rocket League to Sim Racing; at over 40 game spots, fans can immerse themselves in the gaming world and compete with friends or other gamers. The unique gaming location is equipped with the best gear and Go!Gaming will also organise workshops, events and training sessions to help gamers improve their skills and act as a meeting place.

Game arcade in Pathe cinema in Rotterdam

Pathé Rotterdam Schouwburgplein is the very first cinema to be expanded with a Go!Gaming location. The location is situated within the Pathé foyer and is accessible through the entrance of the cinema. The Go!Gaming location opens with over 40 gaming spaces, of which 23 spaces are equipped with state of the art PCs with the best 3080RTX video cards, Playseat Gaming Chairs, Philips Hue Game Light and HyperX peripherals, 10 racing seats with PlayseatⓇ Raceseats as well as Nintendo Switches and multiple Playstations 5. The focus is on playing competitive games like Fortnite and League of Legends and racing games like The Crew 2, Forza Horizon 5 and Sim Racing.

Matthijs Vink, Board Member of Go!Gaming and co-founder of H20 Esports Campus: "We can finally open! For months we have worked very hard with both companies on Go!Gaming. For H20 Go!Gaming is the ideal springboard to gaming and esports talent throughout the Netherlands. We hope to reach everyone with a passion for gaming in the major cities where Pathé cinemas are located. And to enthuse them to come to the H20 Campus to develop themselves further. Above all, we want to make gaming and esports accessible to a broad target group by offering a unique experience at the Go!Gaming locations."

Bram van den Broek, Director of Go!Gaming and Operational Director of Pathé: "We are very proud to announce that the first Go!Gaming location will be opened at Pathé Schouwburgplein. We are always looking for the best way to serve our target groups. The popularity of gaming and esports is still growing, and where gaming used to be done at home and alone, nowadays we see gaming becoming more of a collective activity at unique locations. Therefore Go!Gaming is the perfect complement to our cinemas as the place where people can enjoy the best forms of entertainment together."

Play, Battle, Train

Go!Gaming focuses mainly on gamers between the ages of 15 and 30, but of course all gamers are welcome. From fanatic gamers who play several times a week and competitive gamers who play at a high level, to casual gamers who mainly play to relax; at Go!Gaming they can all play to their heart's content and compete online with their friends, family, colleagues or strangers. The competitive gamers can also actively improve their skills during one of the many workshops and training sessions hosted by the best professional gamers via H20 Esports Campus. Go!Gaming will also organise other events such as viewing parties, children's parties, gaming experiences and tournaments.

Tickets and reservations

At the Go!Gaming locations, a specially trained team of Gaming Hosts is on hand to guide gamers, provide explanations and further enthuse interested parties about the cool world of gaming. From 5 euros per hour it is possible to play at Go!Gaming. From 6 December it is possible to reserve gaming time online at!
About Go!Gaming
Go!Gaming is a cooperation between Pathé and H20 Esports Campus and brings gamers, esports players and Pathé visitors together to discover the fun and excitement of gaming. Experience, relaxation, gaming together and self-development are central to this.