Youtube stars and the world's best in esports at PurmerValley Experience

YouTube stars Ronald, Derka and Wilbert, Fortnite professional Lars Wiering and FIFA World Cup contender Renzo Oemrawsingh are coming to the PurmerValley Experience in P3 Purmerend on Sunday 27 January. The PurmerValley Experience will be held for the first time on Sunday between 12.00 and 17.00 and forms part of the Purmerend Werkt business and work fair. Thousands of children, parents and other interested parties will get to see the applications of the jobs of the future in marketing, IT, 3D printing, drones, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Esports, gaming and streaming. Admission is free.

PurmerValley Experience - P3 Purmerend

This Sunday, from 12.00 to 13.00 in P3 Purmerend, you have the chance to meet them in a Meet & Greet. Afterwards, they will do a live performance of their hits 'Die Verdomde Buurman' and 'Agent 8008'. Visitors can also learn more about life as an influencer and what it's all about. Only 100 places are available for the Meet & Greet. Registration can be done via the site

From 2pm onwards Lars Wiering, better known in Fortnite as ECV CazorlaHD, will be present. Lars is a professional player and became 12th in the world during Epic Games' "Solo Showdown" in Fortnite, the most popular game at this moment. Lars will talk about his life as a pro: how you can become better at gaming in a responsible way and make it your job. He will conclude with show matches and squad games. Visitors will be challenged to play with and against this pro.

Renzo Oemrawsingh - ECV Esports

Next is FIFA player Renzo Oemrawsingh from ECV Esports. He is player in the eDivision at Fortuna Sittard and qualified for the FIFA World Cup Finals a fortnight ago. Renzo will play 1-1 and 2-2 FIFA games and invites the best players from the region. He shares tips and tricks on how he tries to improve himself every day.

At the PurmerValley Experience you can see, among other things, the latest developments in the field of: 3D printing, Virtual Reality, Esports, sensors (Internet of Things) Games and streaming, the Microsoft Hololens, Red Bull F1 racing and drones.
Here, visitors can see the jobs of the future in action. The PurmerValley Experience is an initiative of Stichting PurmerValley. PurmerValley Foundation aims to be the inspirer and connector for stimulating and improving the overall ICT entrepreneurship and IT climate in Purmerend. IT companies, education and the municipality work together in this.

Purmerend Werkt

Purmerend-Werkt is the largest companies and work fair in the Purmerend region. Please visit or for more information.