Pupils rebuild 7 Children's Hospitals of Oranje in Minecraft as part of RTL Project Smile

H20 Esports Campus is going to rebuild seven Children's Hospitals of Oranje online, together with its partners. This happens within the framework of RTL Project Smile, in which various programs, channels and partners of RTL donate money to the Foundation Children's Hospitals of Orange. RTL Project Smile starts on Monday 13 December and ends on Friday 17 December.
This Monday we will start to rebuild the seven children's hospitals in Minecraft on an actual scale. Of course, we will not do this alone. We are voluntarily aided by children, pupils and students who, together with the expertise of H20, will achieve a fantastic result.
We are still looking for experienced Minecraft builders who can help us bring this project to a successful conclusion. These youngsters can register at www.minecrafthospitalheroes.com to register for the Minecraft Hospital Heroes. We need a lot of builders, so there is always a place available.

Minecraft Hospital Heroes

The Minecraft Hospital Heroes consist of a number of partners who are active within the H20 Esports Campus, such as Minecraft architect and master builder Thomas Bosch. Thomas has his own company called Cubefields and, just like last year, he is taking on the coordination of the construction.
"This year we are going a step further, because we are now also going to recreate the inside of the children's hospitals. This will make it possible for children to have a look inside before their stay in the hospital. But the children staying in the children's hospital can also participate in building and continue to build in order to make their stay more pleasant. Again, we hope that many schoolchildren and students will help us to achieve our goal of building all children's hospitals in the Netherlands," said Thomas Bosch.
During the challenge, Bosch will lead the Minecraft construction team of the Minecraft Hospital Heroes via the online platform Discord.
In addition, every day this week free Minecraft workshops will be given by Toine Rohner of Twaanlab from 17.00 to 17.30 hrs. Miranda Huybers will also help to build the children's hospitals with her esports team Team Wall and several influencers. Faber Audiovisuals will also contribute to the livestream and video production.
Donations are welcome per hospital, but it is also possible to donate money to the entire Project Smile.

Successful edition

It is not the first time that H20 Esports Campus is dedicated to the Minecraft Hospital Heroes. During the Minecraft Hospital Heroes 2020, 200 pupils rebuilt dozens of Dutch hospitals on an actual scale in the video game Minecraft. The event ultimately raised more than 20,000 euros for charities and staff associations, including the Dijklander Hospital in Purmerend.
Dirk Tuip, H20-CEO: "The idea of doing something for RTL Project Smile came from the contacts we made last year, and after that the link to building the children's hospitals in Minecraft was quickly made."
By rebuilding the hospitals, H20 can offer students an educational challenge that will allow them to go into the Christmas holidays with the experience of having built real hospitals to scale together with others. "We hope that schools and teachers will help spread the word about this action among their students so that we can show how gaming can contribute to skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication and, of course, tech," Tuip said.
Those who are not building can of course follow the construction live at www.minecrafthospitalheroes.com!