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All activities during the PURVAK at H20

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H20 is dedicated to esports, gaming and tech activities during the school vacations . Made possible in part by our sponsors and SPURD.

Come game with your friends or girlfriends on the hottest gear! Take a seat behind one of the many PCs, PlayStation 5, Simracing seats or Nintendo consoles and compete with each other! Or participate in various Esports Battles where great prizes can be won.

The various activities will ensure that you never get bored these days. Come along and improve your performance, challenge each other and above all have fun! Scroll down for the timetable and choose your activity!


Especially for children and youth from Purmerend: use code PURVAK to book a FREE day ticket!

(When using this discount code, identification is required upon entry) 

Booking in advance is necessary though, otherwise we cannot guarantee a spot!

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Tickets PURVAK

During the PURVAK, the Rabo Esports Stadium is open to all.

  • More than 100 different gaming setups for you and your friends or girlfriends!
  • A ticket gets you half a day to indulge in PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo, Racing Seats, VR goggles or interactive game walls!
  • Of course, you may stay longer than just gaming to watch tournaments, for example, or enjoy everything else on campus. More below!
  • A day ticket of €12.50 gives you a day of fun
  • For young people under 18 from Purmerend, free booking with the discount code 'PURVAK'. (When using this discount code, identification is required upon entry)

Wanneer zijn we deze PURVAK open?

During the PURVAK we organize a variety of esports and gaming activities and sometimes tournaments where the winner can win great prizes. Who will be the H20 vacation champion?

The schedule (To book tickets, click on the game title!):

  • Wednesday, October 25
    Gaming at the H20 Esports Campus 12.00-17.00
  • Thursday, Oct. 26
    Gaming at the H20 Esports Campus 12.00-17.00
  • Friday, October 27
    VR Gaming at H20 VR Gaming Center 15:00-22:00


  • Note: The H20 VR Gaming Center is another building within walking distance of the H20 Campus. Address Cantekoogweg 5, 1442 LG Purmerend

Retro Gaming Area

For all lovers of games from the 70s, 80s and 90s, we have set up a specialRetro Gaming Area during the H20 Esports Gaming Festival. This will be accessible to every ticket holder throughout the festival!

What is available?

  • Play Pong on a 1977 Skylark-124
  • Play various games on a 1977 Atari 2600,
  • A 1983 Vectrex - Minestorm
  • 1982 Commodore 64
  • A 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System
  • A Videopac+ G7400 from 1983.
  • A Philips MSX 8235 from 1986
  • A 1985 Sega Master System
  • And about ten more retro game computers!

When and at what time can you join us?

Wednesday, Oct. 25

Gaming at H20 - 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 26

Gaming at H20 - 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 27

VR Sports & Gaming - 3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
(VR Gaming will take place in the VR Gaming Center)

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Made possible by

In addition, the following companies are contributing content to PURVAK:

Wherelant Culture House
Leeflang Virtual Sports
Clup Welfare


Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy tickets?

If you are from Purmerend, you can order tickets at the counter at H20 or pick them up if you have received a discount code. You can also order the tickets online at this website. Not sure what to do? Please send an email to info@h20.gg.

What are the opening hours during PURVAK?

Every vacation we operate different times and days when visitors can participate for free with the code PURVAK. Check the page h20.gg/purvakgamen for the activities and during for each vacation.

From what age are these activities?

Activities are for children in elementary school grades 6 and up. Some esports battles have a minimum age (like Fortnite), and some sessions are specifically for certain age groups. This is indicated in the activity itself.