Meeting room all day

  • Programme
  • Meeting room in largest gaming hub in NL
  • Various rooms available
  • Afterwards drinks or gaming
  • Incl. coffee/tea
  • Option for lunch, brunch, dinner, etc.
  • Equipment

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In the FULL DAY meeting arrangement, your meeting room is exclusively for you during the entire working day. The package can be booked for up to twenty people and for more than twenty people the price is on request. H20 esports is the place to be for companies that love new technology, innovation, gaming and/or sports. The largest esports gaming stadium in the Netherlands offers no less than 8,000 m2 of floor space for students, companies and startups with a passion for creative tech, gaming and esports. Within the campus there are various meeting rooms in different sizes (from 4 persons to a couple of hundred).



You will assemble in the Community Area of H20 Esports Campus at Spinnekop 2 in Purmerend where you will be shown around H20, including an explanation of any extra arrangements you may have booked and your schedule for the day. After this you can meet in the meeting room which you have reserved.


Meeting room near Amsterdam with all facilities

Each meeting room has the best equipment and supplies to make each meeting as productive as possible. These include a whiteboard for taking notes, a large LCD screen for presentations and, of course, plenty of writing material. Each meeting room has adequate ventilation and temperature control so that comfort comes first.


Food and drink

A booking of the meeting location of your choice includes unlimited tea, coffee and water. Soft drinks are added to the price afterwards. Hard work should of course include a break: each meeting package includes a meeting break with all sorts of delicacies.

The meeting package includes the H20 Lunch package. It is also possible to purchase an additional afternoon break with delicious, freshly made delicacies. For the possibilities, please contact H20 via our contact page..



The end of the meeting does not have to mean the end at H20. It is possible to make additional arrangements and, for a fee, play games on one of our gaming setups, race on the virtual circuit like Max Verstappen or still have a nice drink in the Esports Lounge Café or simply in the Community Area.