Rent a permanent workplace

  • Programme
  • Permanent workplace at H20 Esports Campus
  • Perfect for privacy and quiet
  • Part of a community
  • Various community & facility services
  • Option for in-house catering
  • Equipment

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In addition to normal office spaces, H20 also offers location for small fixed workplaces. These are from BOW Box, the ideal small office. At H20 these boxes come in two sizes: BOW One where one person can do his or her work in peace. If you need a bit more space, the BOW Two is ideal for you.


Each BOW Box is equipped with excellent ventilation so that there is always a good working climate. In addition, there are sufficient power sockets and extra USB ports available for every possible device. 


With the BOW Box you have enough privacy, but you are still an essential part of the H20 Esports Campus. H20 is the hub for companies and independents with a passion for new media, creative tech and of course gaming and esports. In short: an ideal location to work, but also to expand your network.


For more questions about all the possibilities, please contact us.