Esports live tournament

  • Programme
  • Venue for any kind of esports tournament (small and large)
  • H20 knowledge and experience in organising esports tournaments
  • Esports main stage with player desks, LED screen and light/audio set
  • Game rooms and esports lounge (VIP) cafe
  • Equipment
  • 1 GB Up & Down with a special fibre connection, the ping is only 6 ms!
  • Use the best high end equipment so you can play all games at ultra quality
  • For food or drink, you can visit the Community Area
  • For 1 vs 1 up to 5 vs 5 esports titles

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Want to organise a live physical esports tournament with audience, players and staff? Check out the Rabo Esports Stadium at the H20 Esports Tech Campus. This is the esports event location of the Netherlands when it comes to a location for small and big esports tournaments which can be broadcasted live. And of course we have the facilities to produce online broadcasting, together with a partner, but bringing your own broadcast party is also possible. We have the permanent infrastructure to set up esports tournaments as big (or small) as possible. This saves a lot of costs compared to other event locations.

Do you find Purmerend (just above Amsterdam) too far away? Then we may have other locations that are interesting. Please contact us for more information. You can hire the esports stadium in Purmerend per day, half day or multiple days to organise your event. On this page you will find besides a price indication also the standard items that are present, which for a gaming competition organizer saves a lot of money. Other items can be brought in yourself, or additionally rented from H20 or one of the affiliated partners.

Various esports tournaments have already been organised at H20 such as the:

  • Keuken Kampioen Divisie;
  • Dutch College League;
  • FIFA eDivision;
  • Benelux League of Legends Country Finals;


Costs of organising an esports tournament or competition

What are the costs involved in organising an esports match or competition? Of course this depends on a number of factors, such as number of players/teams, spectators, broadcasting requirements and how much show you want to facilitate. But the advantage of H20 is that you save on a lot of things because it comes standard and most of these costs are within the price for the location. Think about this:

  • use of in-play/coaching areas for players/teams;
  • setups (we have almost 100 available);
  • Our Rabo Esports Stadium mainstage with mega LED screen;
  • standard set of stage lights and audio via stadium speakers;
  • Technical room with controls for the screen and the game;
  • guidance, both in the event area, the hospitality area and technically;


Are you new to esports and want to know more about the goals you can reach with your company by setting up an esports league or tournament? Make an appointment for a tour or request a quote from the team at H20 esports.