Leeflang Virtual Sports is training more and more people in VR

Leeflang Virtual Sports has been active as a tenant and partner within the H20 Esports Campus for over a year. From their background in sports, personal training and specifically baseball/softball they are working towards the vision that gaming and then specifically VR gaming can contribute to getting people and young people moving.

Menno Leeflang: "We offer a new and fun way to exercise through Next Gen Personal Training. Next Gen Personal Training is, in short, gaming through exercise. You do this with all kinds of innovative techniques like Virtual Reality and smart fitness devices."


What does this look like specifically? 

"When an athlete comes to train at H20 VR Sports we take an interest test in an intake meeting. This way we find out what the athlete likes. Based on this we make a schedule for the athlete in which he will play different VR games. For example, if the athlete is a fan of action movies then he will play games where a lot of action happens or if the athlete likes dancing and music, then there are rhythm games like Beat Saber in the schedule. We make sports so fun that you won't even realize you're playing sports!


Individuals and groups active in Virtual Reality

The people who exercise or have exercised with us have found the joy in exercise. Because they have fun, it's also easier to meet goals. And the location is of course unique. No one in the Netherlands does it like this anymore. And the great thing is that we don't only have an offer for individuals or small groups, but about 20 setups where people can train and move simultaneously. So complete sports teams or for example companies can be inspired by the possibilities of VR Gaming. 

Are you interested in giving this a try? Then sign up through Leeflang's site: