Inspirational breakfast session organised at H20 Campus

Breakfast session at the H20 campus
At H20, SearchUser, QStylez and Dunion organised a breakfast session on Friday 24 January with a large turnout. H20's catering took the time to prepare a breakfast for the participants. Those who participated in the breakfast session could follow three inspiring presentations and of course there was time to network and ask questions. 

Matthijs Vink, co-founder of H20, opened the session with a short intro. He explained H20 and its vision: To become the number one ecosystem in Europe for the development of the next generation through gaming, esports and creative technology.

A future-proof website

Ron Steur gave a presentation from QStylez about the process needed to build a future-proof website. The presentation showed, among other things, how a website should function and which web design trends are relevant. QStylez recommends using WordPress as a tool and content management system (CMS).

E-commerce & Marketplace Marketing

Randy Duin gave a presentation from Dunion. E-commerce is the online sale of goods at B2C, B2B or C2C level. During the presentation he explained how to generate traffic via the right channels. How to monitor campaigns based on data analysis and what the best way is for website optimisation. In addition They explained Marketplace Marketing. This is selling products and services by using an external B2C, B2B or C2C e-commerce platform. Randy explained the advantages and disadvantages of using Marketplace Marketing.

Marketing Automation

Patrick Schokker gave a presentation from SearchUser about Marketing Automation. It allows you to speed up the sales process and automate marketing processes with the right message at the right time. During the presentation the advantages of Marketing Automation were explained. Patrick explained how the software exactly works and how it contributes positively to the customer journey.
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