Do you dare to dream big?
Do you want to take the next step in your esports career?
Then join the H20 TOP program.

H20 Esports Talent Development Program

You have talent. Success is earned.

If you could get to the top with talent alone, it would come naturally. But those who make it to the top are far from having the most talent. Talent you have but to become successful you have to let it flourish.

Do you think you have what it takes to go from a talented gamer to a successful esporter? Then sign up for the next H20 Esports TOP Talent Program.

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The first program in the Netherlands for developing esports athletes with talent and ambition

Reaching the top is not something you do alone.

During the Esports TOP talent program, you will work with a variety of professionals that you will also encounter during your Esports career. Think Esports coaches, sports and performance psychologists, dieticians and sleep experts, fitness and sports coaches social media experts and fellow professional Esports players. Together, we will help you reach your way to the top!


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Esports is a lifestyle

The life of a professional esporter is more than just spending a lot of time gaming itself. To get to the top, you have to be at your strongest mentally and physically and be able to show it when it matters most. That includes training your body and mind, learning to deal with pressure and stress, and proper nutrition and sleep. 

For this you need to get to know yourself well and how to work towards the best version of yourself. This is what we will do during TOP. Esports players who are in a team must learn how to communicate well with their team, what their role within the team is and how to take the lead within their role. In short, Esports is a lifestyle.


Holistic approach

The H20 Esports TOP Program focuses on all aspects that come with the life of a professional esporter. During the H20 Esports TOP Program, you will participate in three two-day bootcamps, where you will receive various workshops from experts on esports, top sports, sports psychology, nutrition and sleep and much more.

They have only one goal: to make you a better professional esporter! Each weekend is dedicated to a different theme. As a result, all facets of the life of a professional esporter are covered!

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These talents went before you

Diego Swager - Overwatch 2

''TOP has made sure for me that I have found my weaknesses and can work on this''

''My callouts have now become structured and better''

''I got the most out of the personal conversations. These made sure I was doing the right things to achieve my goals''.

Bryan van den Ijssel - Overwatch 2

''At the TOP program I got to know myself better. I found out that I put things off a lot and that I quite like to take charge but I don't take it because I see other people who also want it and then I give up.''

''At TOP, I learned to stay calm as a team leader through breathing''

''I have become mentally stronger. I now take charge better in stressful situations and, above all, I have gotten to know myself a lot better''.

Beau Wigchert - Sim Racing

''After TOP, I got in touch with people who helped me pursue an esports career and joined a team as an academy driver.''

''TOP has helped me hold my focus better, have been using breathing since TOP to focus better''.

''Since TOP I have always started to believe in myself, if you don't you won't reach the TOP. I now believe in myself that I can become one of the best''.

H20 Esports TOP in Brief:

What is the minimum age for the TOP program?

The minimum age is 16.

What are the dates of the TOP program?

The TOP program will be held over three weekends: March 18/19, April 8/9 and April 22/23, 2023

Is the TOP program meant for all esports?

Basically, all esports that are big enough to follow an esports career are allowed to participate. Are you unsure if your esport is big enough? Please send an email to

Where will the TOP program be held?

The TOP program will take place at the H20 Esports Campus, Spinnekop 2-3, 1444GN Purmerend

Brenda Maas Terpstra
Brenda Maas Terpstra
Super fun Minecraft children's party my daughter had 😀.
Wouter van der Jagt
Wouter van der Jagt
Nice place, concept is a bit simple. Not a lot of information provided when you get in.
Marcel Paes
Marcel Paes
Top location for business meetings and team bonding using (VR) Gaming! Highly recommended!
Had a very nice afternoon yesterday at H20. Got to play on many different game consoles while watching the Super Smash event. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Location easy to get to and plenty of parking!
Maik van Diepen
Maik van Diepen
To make it 5 stars
Nick Van Breda
Nick Van Breda
Wonderfully blossoming new startup hub featuring digital and gaming companies
Claudia King
Claudia King
Last Wednesday my son got to have his party at H20, they all loved it! Highly recommended!