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Virpp starts partnership with H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam

Virpp and H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam join hands for a new collaboration that will bring together the worlds of music and esports. This collab will offer a stage to new talent that is passionate about both music and gaming and is expected to lead to cool new music for both gaming and esports.
Virpp is a platform where record labels, producers, fans and artists from all over the world can access a large database of demo’s and unreleased tracks. Through its collaboration with H20, Virpp will now offer the possibility to discover new gaming music and for the first time provide a stage for artists within the gaming community. Artists will be able to submit their own demo’s via the H20 page within the Virpp platform or through the H20 website.
The link below will forward you to the H20 page within the Virpp environment:
Selected music will be played at H20’s large gaming events.
H20 offers artists the unique opportunity to play their own demo’s on the mainstage at the Rabo Esports stadium at the H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam. Other possibilities include the demo’s being used for streaming esports and other types of content.
Talent development is top priority with both companies. Virpp’s focus lies mainly on talent development within the music industry through offering an open-access-platform for up and coming artists.
H20 on the other hand, directs its services towards the newest generation of young talent within gaming, esports and creative tech. By effectively joining forces, they will create new opportunities that will allow talent within these industries to harvest their utmost potential.

Simracing Festival Amsterdam on the 3th and 4th of July 2021 at the Rabo Esports Stadium

Event organiser SPIRIT14 and H20 Esports Campus took the initiative to organize a Simracing Festival in Amsterdam on the 3th and 4th of July. The developments and the future of simracing will be the main point of focus during this two-day festival. In addition, there will be continuous finale games of simracing leagues on the mainstage of the Rabo Esports Stadium, the biggest permanent esports stage of the Netherlands.

The building and terrain consisting of 10.000 square metres will be transformed into a paradise for simracing fans, companies active in simracing technology and innovations and, of course, simracers. Companies will be able to rent a total of 25 stands in an exhibition concept. The programme is going to be further developed and will be published on the sites and

Dirk Tuip, on behalf of H20 Esports Campus: ‘I know Sander Waare (SPIRIT14) from my former job at the Cruyff Foundation and after various meetings I was sure that he had a lot of knowledge about simracing. From his hobby, Sander built a great international network in the simracing world. As H20 we have all the facilities to organise esports events and competitions, broadcasting included. On top of that, we are 20 minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam and 20 minutes away from Schiphol. The ideal location for an international festival like this. We are therefore really looking forward to it!

Simrace enthusiasts are already welcome in the Rabo Esports Stadium. There are more than 10 permanent raceseats available, in which you can race everyday as of the first of September. During the summer (until the first of September) you will have to have a reservation for a group activity (childrens party, holiday camp or a family tour).

Substantial progress in construction of H20 Rabo Esports Stadium

Positive news for all followers of H20 about the construction of H20 Rabo Esports Stadium. In recent weeks, several setbacks have turned into breakthroughs. The date for the official opening will be announced before the end of the year. This year a few components will be delivered and early 2020 we have pilot tests planned.

Compared to a few weeks ago, things are looking good now,’ says Johan de Punder on behalf of the H20 team. ‘The demolition and renovation of the hall are ready. We have started with the design. Both the stage and the LED screens have been ordered and the preparations for the construction started two weeks ago. One gaming studio and a streaming studio will be ready for some pilot testing before the end of the year. The gymnastics lessons have also been resumed by the Purmerendse Scholengroep.

De Punder continues: The entrance of the entire campus from inside and the outside has been prepared. At the beginning of December the renovation of the outside of the H20 Rabo Esports Stadium will start with the budget that has been made available by the Municipality of Purmerend. The roof will be redone (which was leaking in several places), the windows will be replaced and new panel walls will be installed so it will look great again. Emergency power has been installed and we are waiting for the installation of extra electricity capacity, which seems to happen early next year.’.

Before the end of the year the exact schedule becomes public and H20 will announce when we will organize the official opening. The first brainstorming session with the task force has taken place. H20 hopes to be able to put the H20 Rabo Esports Stadium on the map.

Stay tuned for the construction of H20 Rabo Esports Stadium. 

Mobile esports games generated 15.3 billion revenue in 2018.

Mobile Esports
Competitive mobile gaming will grow strongly over the next five years. According to a new 45 page report by Niko Partners. This report states that mobile esports are about to become a cornerstone of the global gaming industry. In terms of gross revenue, mobile esports are on their way to outperforming PC sports, which produced 16.1 billion dollars in revenue last year….
Because of the use of mobile devices, gaming and esports will become more accessible to everyone. The earning model mechanisms for mobile games will make it much easier to participate in esports.
Mobile gaming revenues already exceed PC and console gaming revenues. The development of the mobile gaming markets will further alter this balance worldwide.

Market stabilization sets the stage for mobile esports

The market research firm Niko Partners predicted that mobile will grow fastest in the esports industry. Due to the fact that esports on mobile already accounts for 25% of revenues.
Competitive games that are accessible to the mass market at the amateur level, provide the next wave of global esports development. The first wave of this is setting up the platforms to participate. What becomes possible due to the popularity of esports in general. As a result, this popularity in turn has a direct effect on the development of competitive mobile gaming.
“Mobile tournaments will involve the consumer not only as a spectator but also as a participant,” says Lisa Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners.
“This will lead to mass market participation and involvement. As a result, a much larger audience for esports will grow and new income opportunities will arise. We will see the transition from smaller tournaments to large numbers of smaller tournaments that are open to everyone who wants to participate”.
However there are four PC esport titles that generated more than one billion dollars last year. While mobile games have just two titles that achieved the same. League of Legends remains the main game in the PC esports, which has generated 1.9 billion last year.
Source: Niko Partners

Rabobank and H20 unite young people in the first esports stadium in the Netherlands.

 contThe Netherlands will soon have its first esport stadium. Over the next three years, Rabobank and H20 will join forces to bring young people together at the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In addition, the parties want to stimulate innovation in creative tech start-ups and companies. Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken and H20 esports announced this news today in Cologne during Gamescom 2019, the largest game fair in the world. 

Connecting young people and entrepreneurs together.


Eric Zwart, CEO of Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken:

“For young people, the world is open to the future at the Rabo Esports Stadium in Amsterdam. The great thing is that we can connect the young people here in real life. In addition to gaming, H20 is also making a strong commitment to education. Together we can teach the youth to play responsibly. 

In addition, at the esports stage, business space will be created for game- and tech-related companies. Because they can easily meet each other, it offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to come up with innovative plans together. It can act as a catalyst for economic growth for the Waterland region, which is an important part of the Amsterdam metropolitan region. This, together with the broad support of the municipality and the education sector, means that we enthusiastically enter into cooperation with H20. Our mission is to work together to create a better world for young people and entrepreneurs”.


Esports to a higher level in the Netherlands


Founder Dirk Tuip van H20 esports:

“Internationally, esports has already grown into a billion-dollar industry. As a result there are now professional teams, games in sold-out stadiums, millions in prize money and gaming clubs where visitors pay to play games. We have great ambitions to make the Netherlands part of this industry. 

We are therefore very proud that Rabobank dares to take this step with us. This is one of the first structural esports sponsorship deals. Hopefully it will be a start and more major parties in the Netherlands will follow. Together we can structurally embrace esports and gaming. The next generation is waiting for this. As a result, more and more companies want to make the connection with this new generation, which is often also very techminded.” 


Rabo esports Stadium Amsterdam

What’s next at the esports stadium? Dirk Tuip continued:

“Ofcourse we want all kinds of esports matches, tournaments and gaming events to be organised in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. After all we have all the necessary facilities available. Think of: broadcasting, a place for shoutcasters, a stage with players desks, playgrounds, etc. There is also a gaming club. This is comparable to a sports club, where one can improve individually or as a team in gaming with high quality gaming gear, such as PCs and accessories.


The Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam is set to open somewhere at the end of this year.

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