H20 in Katowice at Extreme Masters 2019

Matthijs Vink was invited by stage builder Aram and ESL to visit the Intell Extreme Masters 2019 in Katowice. Afterwards, he posted this message on LinkedIn, which was viewed by more than 40.000 people in a short period of time:

This video lasts 1 minute, after watching it you will probably think very differently about gaming / esports. I’ve played handball games in halls with a lot of people and I’ve also been to big ‘real’ sports games, but esports is exactly the same and if not, even a bigger show. Fans who sympathize and a tight marketing and broadcasting. It’s clear that esports attracts a young audience, but what company doesn’t want to have a connection with the generation of the future? Click on the movie to watch it.

h20 in Katowice at Extreme Masters 2019