Dreamhack in October in Ahoy Rotterdam!

The first edition of Rotterdam Games Week will take place in October 2019. Rotterdam Ahoy has had concluded a long-term partnership with DreamHack, which will bring the world’s largest digital festival to Rotterdam. DreamHack Rotterdam, from 18 to 20 October 2019, forms the heart of Rotterdam Games Week and will consist of a DreamHack Open for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offense with a prize money of one hundred thousand dollars, a gaming exhibition with lots of interaction, cosplay-matches, panel meetings and a large ‘bring your own device’ LAN party.

Rotterdam Games Week

In the run-up to Rotterdam Games Week, pre-events are organized, where fans can watch the finals of esports tournaments together. In collaboration with the city of Rotterdam and other stakeholders, Rotterdam Ahoy is working on further components for Rotterdam Games Week.