Rabobank and H20 unite young people in the first esports stadium in the Netherlands.

Rabobank and H20 unite young people in the first esports stadium in the Netherlands.

 contThe Netherlands will soon have its first esport stadium. Over the next three years, Rabobank and H20 will join forces to bring young people together at the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In addition, the parties want to stimulate innovation in creative tech start-ups and companies. Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken and H20 esports announced this news today in Cologne during Gamescom 2019, the largest game fair in the world. 

Connecting young people and entrepreneurs together.


Eric Zwart, CEO of Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken:

“For young people, the world is open to the future at the Rabo Esports Stadium in Amsterdam. The great thing is that we can connect the young people here in real life. In addition to gaming, H20 is also making a strong commitment to education. Together we can teach the youth to play responsibly. 

In addition, at the esports stage, business space will be created for game- and tech-related companies. Because they can easily meet each other, it offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to come up with innovative plans together. It can act as a catalyst for economic growth for the Waterland region, which is an important part of the Amsterdam metropolitan region. This, together with the broad support of the municipality and the education sector, means that we enthusiastically enter into cooperation with H20. Our mission is to work together to create a better world for young people and entrepreneurs”.


Esports to a higher level in the Netherlands


Founder Dirk Tuip van H20 esports:

“Internationally, esports has already grown into a billion-dollar industry. As a result there are now professional teams, games in sold-out stadiums, millions in prize money and gaming clubs where visitors pay to play games. We have great ambitions to make the Netherlands part of this industry. 

We are therefore very proud that Rabobank dares to take this step with us. This is one of the first structural esports sponsorship deals. Hopefully it will be a start and more major parties in the Netherlands will follow. Together we can structurally embrace esports and gaming. The next generation is waiting for this. As a result, more and more companies want to make the connection with this new generation, which is often also very techminded.” 


Rabo esports Stadium Amsterdam

What’s next at the esports stadium? Dirk Tuip continued:

“Ofcourse we want all kinds of esports matches, tournaments and gaming events to be organised in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. After all we have all the necessary facilities available. Think of: broadcasting, a place for shoutcasters, a stage with players desks, playgrounds, etc. There is also a gaming club. This is comparable to a sports club, where one can improve individually or as a team in gaming with high quality gaming gear, such as PCs and accessories.


The Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam is set to open somewhere at the end of this year.

For more information, please visit www.h20.gg