Mobile esports games generated 15.3 billion revenue in 2018.

Mobile esports games generated 15.3 billion revenue in 2018.

Mobile Esports

Competitive mobile gaming will grow strongly over the next five years. According to a new 45 page report by Niko Partners. This report states that mobile esports are about to become a cornerstone of the global gaming industry. In terms of gross revenue, mobile esports are on their way to outperforming PC sports, which produced 16.1 billion dollars in revenue last year….

Because of the use of mobile devices, gaming and esports will become more accessible to everyone. The earning model mechanisms for mobile games will make it much easier to participate in esports. 

Mobile gaming revenues already exceed PC and console gaming revenues. The development of the mobile gaming markets will further alter this balance worldwide. 


Market stabilization sets the stage for mobile esports

The market research firm Niko Partners predicted that mobile will grow fastest in the esports industry. Due to the fact that esports on mobile already accounts for 25% of revenues. 

Competitive games that are accessible to the mass market at the amateur level, provide the next wave of global esports development. The first wave of this is setting up the platforms to participate. What becomes possible due to the popularity of esports in general. As a result, this popularity in turn has a direct effect on the development of competitive mobile gaming.

“Mobile tournaments will involve the consumer not only as a spectator but also as a participant,” says Lisa Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners.

 “This will lead to mass market participation and involvement. As a result, a much larger audience for esports will grow and new income opportunities will arise. We will see the transition from smaller tournaments to large numbers of smaller tournaments that are open to everyone who wants to participate”.

However there are four PC esport titles that generated more than one billion dollars last year. While mobile games have just two titles that achieved the same. League of Legends remains the main game in the PC esports, which has generated 1.9 billion last year. 

Source: Niko Partners