Local Council Purmerend agrees to budget for H20 sports hall

Local Council Purmerend agrees to budget for H20 sports hall

Last Monday the local council of Purmerend approved the proposed budget for H20 sports hall of € 300,000 in the monthly council meeting. With a large majority of 29 votes in favor and 5 against, the council approved the proposal. This means the plans of foundation H20 can continue. The renovation of the sports hall will start in June. The sports hall will be transformed into an esports game stadium.

Sports hall De Koogmolen (taken from the council decision)

This summer the Regio College and the Purmerendse Scholen Groep (PSG) will leave the school building at Spinnekop 2. After this, the municipality will rent the school building to foundation H20. H20 wants to establish an IT campus for starters and established IT companies, IT education and esports. This way education and the labor market are better connected with business in the IT sector. As an extra provision, the foundation wants to rent the sports hall De Koogmolen for practicing esports and digitally supported sports (with screens, light and sound and virtual reality).

The city council makes € 300,000 available for the maintenance of the sports hall. The sports hall will be rented to foundation H20.

So far, the PSG still needs the sports hall for a part of its gym classes. Sports hall De Koogmolen is currently owned by the PSG. The school group agreed that a number of (esport) gym classes will also be organized in the sports hall in the coming years. The PSG returns the ownership of the sports hall to the municipality.

29 votes in favor: Stadspartij, D66, CDA, GroenLinks, VVD, Ouderenpartij AOV Purmerend, PvdA, Gemeentebelangen Purmerend
5 votes against: Livable Purmerend, SP, PVV