H20 renovation officially started!

H20 renovation officially started!

The Monday after the announcement on Wednesday May 29, the H20 renovation started immediately. The demolition permit was requested a few weeks ago, hoping that the lease contracts and approval from the City Council would follow. The Purmerendse Scholengroep also agreed, who will continue to use the gym for the gym classes (but then gym classes 2.0).

In past few weeks HLE Bouw has been selected as a contractor. Together with an architect in general (including architects), an interior architect and an architect specifically for esports and gaming from Poland, we created a plan. We aim to open the H20 esports Gaming Stadium before the end of the year (ideally October-November).

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De fietsenstallingen achter de sportschool zijn verwijderd. Dit is tijdelijk een bouwplaats. Hier worden na de verbouwing zo´n 42 extra parkeerplekken gemaakt.
De voorlopige bouwplaats wordt ingericht zodat de omliggende bewoners er zo min mogelijk last van hebben.
Binnen is de vloer afgedekt en ook de tribunes om schade tijdens de verbouwing te voorkomen.
Een overzicht van de sporthal. Volgende week wordt het dak eruit gehaald, zodat er nog meer ruimte ontstaat. De contouren van the esports Gaming Stadium worden dan duidelijk.

Image 1:

The bicycle parking facilities behind the gym have been removed. This is temporarily a construction place. Around 42 extra parking spaces will be made here after the renovation.

Image 2:

The temporary construction place will be set up in a way that the surrounding residents are affected as little as possible.

Image 3:

On the inside the floor and the stands are covered to prevent damage during the renovation.

Image 4:

An overview of the sports hall. Next week the roof will be removed, for more space. This way the contours of the esports Gaming Stadium become clear.