Gamers First moves with production team and esports competitions to Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam

Gamers First moves with production team and esports competitions to Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam

Gamers First, Esports Competition Operator & Broadcast Producer, will move into the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam before the end of 2019. H20 esports and Gamers First will enter into a strategic partnership. The productions: Dutch College League, Benelux Premier League and Mijndomein Masters have a fantastic new location. Gamers can get used to playing in a stadium with a professional internship.


H20 looking for esports knowledge.

Dirk Tuip founder of H20:

“Over the past few months, we have spoken to many parties in the Netherlands. Most of them have been active in the world of esports for some time. Especially because we don’t have the specific knowledge of this world. We are therefore looking for parties who can contribute this knowledge in different areas. In addition, we have noticed that the Dutch esports and gaming world itself has good initiatives. But it is difficult to raise these to a higher level and at the same time guarantee continuity.”

Dutch Counterstrike and League of Legends fans and players next year in Rabo esports Stadium

Experience in esports productions

Joost Roset of Gamers First literally experienced this with Gamers First. Matthijs Vink co-founder at H20 had this to say:

“In recent years, Gamers First has had several locations that had potential but were not designed for esports. In short there are no locations where esports and gaming are central. This put the brakes on them, although the potential for growth is absolute. With this partnership, we hope to offer (semi-) professional esports competitions with a location they deserve. Of course we expect to be able to make a big leap forward with the production value of the broadcasts. 

The joint (media) exploitation brings the unique esports event location of H20 together with the highest echelon in the field of esports competitions and TV and broadcast productions of Gamers First. Hopefully this will benefit the entire industry. Moreover, thanks to this step, Gamers First can focus much more on what they are really good at. H20 adds to this its long experience in the field of top sports, marketing and commerce.” Gamers First and H20 are looking forward to the first joint productions.”

The collaboration with Gamers First brings together two unique forces.

Dirk Tuip: We don’t believe in a closed system and are pleased to have a partner on board who has the same mindset in that way. Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam wants to facilitate and become an ecosystem for everyone interested in esports, gaming and creative tech.

We therefore hope that other parties will follow. In the Netherlands we can get a real training institute and a permanently equipped stadium that is suitable for national and international tournaments. This is only possible by working together. Joost has already helped us enormously in recent months with his knowledge in the field of broadcasting and productions.”

Joost Roset (right) of Gamers First and Matthijs Vink co-founder at H20 (left) shake hands at Gamescom 2019

Dutch College League and Benelux Premier League

The move to H20 means that the Mijndomein Masters (Counterstrike: Global Offensive), the Dutch College League and the Benelux Premier League (both League of Legends, the latter in partnership with the game developer Riot Games) will be organised and broadcast from the Rabo Esports Stadium from 2020. Joost Roset: “We have been looking for a long time for professionalization, especially in the field of location, marketing and commerce. With Matthijs and Dirk, and with this step, we expect to take our entire organisation and the productions we organise to a more professional level in all facets.”

Roset continues: “This is a new development that also takes time. The market in the Netherlands is of course smaller than in America or Asia. We have had quite a few conversations lately, but I am very happy with this cooperation and hope that we can now grow further.”

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