VR Zombie Experience

  • Programme
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Choose from 4 different levels!
  • A total of 4 hours of gameplay
  • Includes 1 drink per person
  • Caution! May cause dizziness
  • Equipment
  • HTC VIVE Pro
  • VALVE Index


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An exciting VR Zombie adventure with multiple maps, puzzles and hungry zombies. Play with up to 4 people per game. Shooting zombies in VR? Then step into the most intense VR experience right now! Shoot your fellow players and make sure you survive together! Our VR zombies shooting experience has multiple missions/levels


What does the VR Zombie Experience look like?


You will be received at the H20 VR Gaming Center at the Cantekoogweg 5 in Purmerend. After reception, we will begin the virtual reality gaming experience.


VR Zombie Experience

Imagine yourself in a zombie apocalypse with Arizona Sunshine. Draw your weapon, aim and shoot with real movements, explore a post-apocalyptic world with complete freedom, and test your survival skills in VR. Fighting the undead has never been more intense. Will you manage to survive and put an end to the apocolyps?


The VR experience lasts 1 hour, in this short time it is not possible to finish the apocolyps. There is the possibility to buy additional time on location. OR come back another time and continue where you left off.



After the experience, you can reminisce with a nice drink. There is also the possibility for a snack and to race in our Playseat x Red Bull VR racing seats.


For more info on the game: https://vertigo-games.com/games/arizona-sunshine/

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