Multiplayer VR Experience

  • Programme
  • 2-8 people
  • Max 4 VR headsets
  • Elven Assassin (Bow and arrow shooting)
  • RevolVR 3 (Free 4 All Shooter)
  • Private Property (Zombies popping)
  • Includes 1 drink per person
  • Equipment
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • VAVLE Index


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Per session, groups in teams of two to four can simultaneously participate in the multiplayer VR experience. this is an experience to remember. 3 different games will be played. Each game you play for 20 minutes.

In this multiplayer VR experience you will shoot bow and arrow, shoot each other, pop zombies and all in VR!


What does 1 hour of Multiplayer VR look like?


You will be received at the H20 VR Gaming Center at the Cantekoogweg 5 in Purmerend. Here is the opportunity to have another cup of coffee or tea. Then we will start the VR experience. 


Multiplayer VR Experience

After a brief explanation, we can quickly begin the action.

First you start with Elven Assassin (bow and arrow shooting) . Grab a bow and kill hordes of trolls and dragons, in an epic city defense game. Eliminate as many trolls and dragons as possible with your party.


PS. Beware of huge axes thrown at you by troll warriors.


As the second game, you are going to play RevolVR 3. This game is set in the robot version of the Wild West. Compete against each other in different rounds and in different environments. Who will create the most skills?


To conclude, you will play Private Property. This is the brand new VR zombie shooter, set in the late 19th century. With this multiplayer game, you form a team to collectively defend the Private Property from hordes of zombies. Who will behead the most zombies?




After the experience, you can reminisce with a nice drink. There is also the possibility for a snack and to race in our Playseat x Red Bull VR racing seats.


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