HADO Court

  • Programme
  • Come and train HADO more often at H20
  • HADO Court for yourself
  • Meet other HADO players
  • VR/AR Game Centre offers training opportunities
  • Equipment
  • Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Iphones + Ipods
  • Large viewing screen


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HADO is still quite new in the Netherlands, so there is no fixed training and competition structure yet. Together with HADO Netherlands we want to work on this at H20. We are working on a competition and also want to offer HADO training on our own HADO Court. But of course this requires enthusiastic and ambitious players. 

Book a HADO Court now for €75 and play HADO with your friends for an hour!

About HADO Court

HADO is the first sport in the world to combine traditional sports with gaming through augmented reality (AR). Movement, new technology and an old game are all given a new look. This sport can now be played in more than 35 countries worldwide and therefore also at H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam (in Purmerend). HADO has many similarities with gaming and resembles dodgeball. Using so-called "hadoken" (powerful energy balls) you throw balls just like in dodgeball to beat your opponent.

Never played HADO before? Try our HADO outing first .


For more information on HADO: https://www.hado-sports.com