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Live. Online. Hybrid. Every event: close and personal
Looking for a top-level solution for organizing your live, online or hybrid event? Do you want impact with your corporate event, theme day, team day, trade show, webinar, product launch, talk, show or presentation? Moreover, do you want the visual power and marketing tools of the online world? Welcome to Faber Audiovisuals!
Back to the experience of the old normal - with all the extras of the new? We'd love to help you make that happen. Within your deadline. Within your budget. And with the maximum experience for your visitors, contacts and customers.

We don't just shout that. We also show it to you. That's why we continually invest in innovation and technology. We develop our own software. We keep the lines short, the processes tight. And we believe in our people. Our experts think and work with you for customization. To create the experience that you are looking for - and that your target group wants.

With LED and with our solutions, we have been leading for years. Thanks to our national and international experience, expertise and service-oriented base, we are a trusted partner. For event managers, and our relations in b2b, TV production, webinars and the organization of hybrid, online or live events. We have grown into a global player with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai and the United States. But we never feel too big to play a significant role for you.

Would you like to contact us about what we can do for you? Feel free to stop by our studio at H20. 

Faber Audiovisuals

Also, Faber is part of the streaming studio. Read more about that here