It is finally allowed again!

Physically get together with colleagues at a dynamic location!

Live kick-off

Working from home has become part of the 'new normal'. There will be companies that will never fully return to office working. Nevertheless, colleagues do have the need to see each other, to meet each other and to have the feeling of working on something together.

Physical. Live. Connected.

Request a tailor-made offer!


Pick up the thread together with colleagues!

H20 is the location for companies with employees who love gaming and new technology. At H20, anything is possible:

  • Organise your own company tournament or competition for employees or clients including qualification rounds and a real final in a real esports stadium.
  • Combine a substantive programme in plenary and/or break out into smaller breakout sessions in various inspiring game rooms on the campus. Work on team building, communication and cooperation in a 3.0 way (possibly with a coach).
  • Dive into a whole new world and inspire employees by literally getting them moving through the wonderful world of esports, gamification and the revolutionary technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  • Discover the hidden talents of your employees! Esports brings many intrinsic benefits on both a personal and a business level. These include teamwork, strategy, motivation and new forms of effective communication.

One thing is certain! Organising an event in the first and largest permanent Esports Stadium in the Netherlands is a unique experience!


Check out aftermovies of companies that went before you!

How does it work?

1. Look at the different (corporate) event options

Below, we have presented a number of possibilities for arrangements or events that can be organised at the stadium and/or on the campus for inspiration.

2. Come for a guided tour

Make an appointment with our event team and get a better idea of the location during a tour. We would also like to hear about the objectives of the event! What do you expect to get out of it?

3. Tailor-made offer

Once all the wishes regarding the event, gaming/sports activities, technology and any catering/hospitality are clear, you will receive a tailor-made quote.