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Streamers in Action raise 25,375 euros for Amref Flying Doctors

In the weekend of 18 and 19 February, the Streamers in Action raised over 25,375 euros for Amref Flying Doctors. The money will be used for clean (drinking) water and better healthcare in Africa.

More than twenty popular streamers on the video platform Twitch streamed for over 24 hours from the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend on 18 & 19 February. The goal of the streamers and the parties responsible for this event was to raise as much money as possible for Amref Flying Doctors, the largest African health organisation.

The live stream was hosted by radio DJ and shoutcaster Daniël Lippens and he was also very enthusiastic about this wonderful initiative. "When I was asked to participate, I did not have to think twice. With the donations Amref can provide villages in East Africa with water by constructing wells or train residents to become health care providers, so they can improve the quality of care and also safety for these people."

24 hours live!

The 24-hour stream at H20 Esports Campus was organised in cooperation with Vertigo 6 and Streamdoctors. Together with the staff of H20, the Community Area of H20 was completely transformed into a real livestream studio complete with a radio set, chairs, couches and enough gaming setups for all the streamers.

During the 24-hour stream there was gaming, dancing, cooking and of course a lot of laughter. All for a good cause, of course. In the process, the streamers did not care if they were a little foolish at times.


We would like to thank Streamdoctors, Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR and of course all streamers for the great cooperation and we would like to thank everyone who was generous enough to donate for clean (drinking) water and better healthcare in Africa!

More information on Streamers in Action for Amref'. and the charities they support can be found on the official website: https://www.streamersinactie.en/.

For more information about Amref Flying Doctors and the possibility to donate, go to!

Pathé and H20 join forces to invest heavily in gaming and esports with Go!Gaming

AMSTERDAM, 8 July 2021 - Pathé and H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam are joining forces to bring a completely new gaming concept to cinemas this autumn: Go!Gaming. Go!Gaming are game locations at Pathé where gamers, esports enthusiasts and Pathé visitors can play together using the best and latest game consoles and PCs. The first Go!Gaming location will open in the autumn at a Pathé branch that has yet to be announced.


Go!Gaming brings gamers, esports enthusiasts and Pathé visitors together to discover the fun and excitement of gaming. Experience, relaxation, gaming together and self-development are central to this. The concept will be launched this autumn, when the first location will also be announced.

Pathé and gaming

Bram van den Broek, Director Operations Pathé, and Matthijs Vink, co-founder of H20 Esports Campus, are the directors of Go!Gaming. Van den Broek: "Go!Gaming is the perfect addition to the cinemas of Pathé. It is important for Pathé to remain relevant for new generations and therefore we continue to innovate. The popularity of gaming and esports has been growing for years. In the past year, we have also noticed that people need entertainment more than ever before, but at the same time they also need interaction and social contact.


We have often organised successful small-scale gaming and esports events in our cinemas and since this summer we have launched Pathé Play, where visitors can play games on the big screen using their own console. By adding Go!Gaming to our cinemas, we can serve our younger target groups and gamers even better. With H20 Esports Campus we have found a partner who strives for the same top quality and customer experience and who has years of experience in building a professional Esports Tech Campus and Esports Stadium. Go!Gaming will make our cinemas even more the place to enjoy an evening or day out with friends and family."

H20 Esports Campus

H20 Esports Campus is the Dutch on- and offline platform where esports, gaming and creative tech come together, and where Dutch esports talent is trained and prepared for a future in creative tech. Matthijs Vink, co-founder H20 Esports Campus: "We are extremely proud that we are going to bring this new concept to the market together with market leader Pathé. After our launch at the end of 2019, we were hit hard by the corona crisis, but in spite of that we still managed to achieve considerable growth. Now it is time for the next step.

Through the cooperation with Pathé we can expand our activities from top esports players to a broader target group of gamers and introduce them to the H20 Esports Campus. Our goal is to create an environment where the right guidance and expertise is available so gamers can meet each other in an educational and responsible manner. If more professional esports players eventually roll out of that, that would be great."

Launch Go!Gaming

In the coming weeks, the parties involved will work hard on the further interpretation and realisation of the concept. The exact details of Go!Gaming and the location will be announced this autumn, together with a festive launch. Visitors can keep an eye on the social media channels of Go!Gaming, Pathé and H20 Esports Campus. The links are on the website .

Play Rocket League in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie!

Rocket League players pay attention, you can join the newest tournament of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie! Gamers First, our proud partner of the Rabo Esports Stadium, is joining forces with the Keuken Kampioen Divisie to host the Esports Fan Tournament featuring Rocket League.

The online tournament takes place on Saturday 16 May and starts at 12.00 hours. The whole event will be broadcasted live from the Rabo Esports Stadium on the H20 Esports Campus on the YouTube channel of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and the Twitch channel of Inside Esports. Teams represent one of the sixteen Keuken Kampioen Clubs in the new tournament.

Teams can register for the tournament as of today via the website of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. The teams consist of at least three players, where substitutes are allowed. The tournament consists of a group phase and a knock-out phase, in which two teams in the final will decide who is the champion of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie Esports Fan Tournament.

Keuken Kampioen Divisie steps into esports

With the launch of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie Esports, it is the first time that the Keuken Kampioen Divisie steps into Esports. The current football-free period is seized upon to give fans the opportunity to defend the honour of one of the sixteen Keuken Kampioen Divisie clubs, from home, by means of a fan tournament. To compete for the very first title of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie Esports Fan Tournament.

Practical information:
Date: Saturday 16 May 2020 from 12.00
Teams: Maximum 3 players (substitutions allowed)
Registration via: (registration is possible until Monday 11 May 2020)
Broadcasts via: YouTube & Twitch

The complete broadcast will be done from the Rabo Esports Stadium at the H20 Esports Campus. Keep an eye on our website and socials for all upcoming game tournaments within the H20 Esports Campus.

Hospitality entrepreneur Danny van Noorden sees opportunities in esports

H20 Esports has closed a cooperation with catering entrepreneur Danny van Noorden from Volendam. Danny is (co-)owner of several cafe/restaurants and event agency Dagje Volendam, and will take on the hospitality of H20. In phase 1 this means the opening and running of the H20 Esports Lounge, and in phase 2 a coffee bar and space for lunch.

Danny van Noorden and Dirk Tuip together at Gamescom in Cologne 2019

Why H20 Esports

Danny van Noorden is an entrepreneur who does not sit still. He has a passion for the hospitality industry and also has a background in IT.
"When Dirk Tuip told me about his H20 concept, it started to tickle. When he said that he was looking for someone to run the catering business, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. H20 is on course to become a very large event centre, and to contribute to the concept is a very nice and interesting challenge."

Guido Sombroek

After a small search, Danny ended up with Guido Sombroek, one of his employees at De Dijk restaurant in Volendam. He had just finished his HBO degree in Business Economics and was looking for work.
Guido Sombroek: "During the two work placement periods, I came to the conclusion that I was not someone who could sit behind a screen for 40 hours a week. I do get a lot of pleasure from working in the hospitality industry. I have been working for Danny in De Dijk for years. This has created a bond of trust, and so he asked me to take on this project in Purmerend together. It is an enormous challenge, but we are determined to make a positive contribution to H20 together with everyone else involved".

The refurbishment of the Esports Lounge started last week

Rebuilding Esports Bar & Lounge

 "The renovation of the lounge is currently underway. The Esports Lounge will be a place of and for everyone. For example, children's parties will be held here while they watch Esports, employees can kick off the weekend here while enjoying a "0.0", and during events there will be a view of the stage here. There have already been a few groups requesting catering. It is now a matter of learning a lot."

Design of the esports coffee bar on the ground floor of H20 Esports campus


"This is something very different from what we are currently used to. Technology will play a major role within the campus, and the hospitality industry will have to take advantage of this. Ultimately, the whole thing will be a bustling affair in which the hospitality industry can play a crucial role. It is up to us to respond to this through the right channels".

4All Levels and BRASH esports move to the campus of H20 esports

Influencer marketing & PR agency 4AllLevels has moved last month together with the esports team Brash esports to H20 in Purmerend. Management and staff have moved into the former school building, which will be converted into a campus for esports, gaming and creative tech. The total building comprises 10,000 m2 and includes the Rabo Esports Stadium, a gaming club, coworking space and incubator space for startups. 

4AllLevels influencer marketing

The name of the agency 4All Levels may not be super familiar, but the names vThorben, Ronald, Mick, Paraduze and the MANSION will certainly be familiar to many under 20s. 4All Levels does the management, PR and merchandising for a number of influencers. The agency, which was based in the Aalsmeer studios until now, sees several advantages in choosing H20.
Miranda Huybers, owner of 4AllLevels:
"We were actually immediately enthusiastic about the H20 ambitions and plans. In recent years we have grown strongly and are active at various locations. At H20 we can house everything under one roof. Our office, merchandising/storage, bootcamp area for Brash esports as well as equipment for recording content, for example. The Rabo Esports Stadium is a cool event location, where we will certainly organise events. Despite the fact that the campus hasn't been rebuilt yet, we have decided to move already. We're already comfortable here and will actively help to create a hub around gaming and esports."

First impression of the campus, where various companies in the field of esports, gaming and creative tech including 4all Levels have already moved in

Strategic partners

"As initiators, we have no background in the gaming and esports world, so we started actively looking for strategic partners," said Dirk Tuip on behalf of H20. "We are proud and happy that Miranda and her team from 4AllLevels have chosen to make a long term commitment to H20. They have built up a lot of experience and knowledge in a world that is still completely unknown to many companies."

Sheep over the dam

About the collaboration: "This collaboration goes far beyond renting space. The goal is to connect parties and play a driving role in the further development and professionalisation of esports and gaming in The Netherlands. The coming year various events will be organised to put H20 further on the map. One has to be the first, but we both hope that with 4AllLevels and Brash esports more 'sheep' will follow," says Dirk. 

Gamers First and H20 esports make full-stop Dutch-language broadcast of DreamHack next week

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (18-20 October) it is finally time. A large international community of gamers and esports fans are expected in AHOY for DreamHack: the world's largest digital festival comes to the Benelux for the first time. DreamHack's parent organisation from Sweden has offered esports broadcaster Gamers First the opportunity to make a Dutch-language broadcast. 
Follow all CS:GO games at Inside Esports on Twitch, Fox Sports or, live on 18/19/20 October. The presentation is in the hands of Mike de Jongh, and the matches are casted by the duo Jerre van den Berg and Twan van den Berg. With the help of partners H20 esports, Rabobank and the Municipality of Purmerend, Dutch gaming and esports fans will be able to experience everything for three days. 

DreamHack - from LAN Party to gaming lifestyle festival

DreamHack started in 1994 as a LAN party, but has grown into the largest gaming lifestyle festival in the world with 11 stops in 8 countries on 3 continents. This year, DreamHack is collaborating with Rotterdam AHOY for the first time. DreamHack is part of the Rotterdam Games Week. People come here to watch well-known streamers and the best esports players at major tournaments, such as CS:GO (100,000 dollars) and Dota 2 (250,000 dollars), or to play for themselves at the expo or the non-stop Trust Gaming LAN Party.

Inside Esports on Twitch, Fox Sports or

Joost Roset, owner of Gamers First: "For years we have been trying to make esports better known to a larger audience through live broadcasts of esports matches. When DreamHack offered us this opportunity, we wanted to take it. However, making broadcasts is costly, because of the deployment of various specialists. We are therefore pleased that the main partners of our new home in Purmerend have stepped in. H20 esports, Rabobank and the Municipality of Purmerend now make this broadcast possible. Apart from our well-known Twitch channel InsideEsports, we will also push the live broadcast to the platform of the Algemeen Dagblad and finally on Fox Sports. 

Photo: Gabriel Kulig (

H20 esports and Rabo Esports Stadium

Dirk Tuip, initiator of H20 esports: "For H20 esports this broadcast was not the first priority. We are in the middle of a challenging renovation of the future Rabo Esports Stadium. However, the past few years we have seen that we have to make sure that esports gets more attention from the general public and this is a great opportunity to contribute to that. We want to collaborate with as many parties as possible to raise the level of esports. This is also a great way to bring attention to our opening, planned for early 2020, together with our partner Rabobank and the Municipality of Purmerend.

H20 in the news | Media overview

This week we announced our partnership with Rabobank. Rabobank and H20 join forces the coming three years to bring young people together in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. This will be the first esports stadium in the Netherlands. In addition, thehe Purmerend entrepreneur Frits Dix (Director of NMT Shipping) entered the world of gaming and esports through a participation in H20 esports BV. The ambitious plans of H20 esports thus become reality. The investment completes the financing of the first esports stadium in The Netherlands. These new developments have been picked up by several media. This is the H20 in the news, media overview:

Purmerend gets first eSports stadium in the Netherlands
Purmerend gets the first eSports stadium of the Netherlands. The Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. This was announced by Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken and H20 esports during Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, the largest game fair in the world.
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Daily esports

H20 will open Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam this year | Gamescom
At Gamescom 2019 today, esports platform H20 announced that they have partnered up with Rabobank to open Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam later this year. A sports hall and formally a school, the new esports stadium of 10,000 m2 is set to become a hub for gaming, esports, and creative technology.
Read here Read the full article. 
H20 in the news media overview- Daily

Dot esports

Netherlands to open first esports stadium in Amsterdam
In an attempt to compete with other European countries, The Netherlands will open an esports stadium in Amsterdam by the end of 2020, according to
Read the full article here.


H20 esports has secured funding for esports stadium
Esports project H20 has secured funding for an esports stadium. Today the company revealed that they have partnered up with Frits Dix, an entrepreneur from Purmerend. Thanks to this partnership H20 has enough money to realise its plans.
Read the full article here.


Rabobank and H20 unite youth in first esports stadium in the Netherlands
The Netherlands will soon have its first esports stadium. Rabobank and H20 will join forces in the coming three years to bring young people together in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In addition, the parties want to encourage innovation in creative tech startups and businesses.
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esports stadium Amsterdam

The Netherlands' first dedicated esports stadium is coming!
In Europe, there are several big esports nations - the UK, Germany and France... the Netherlands doesn't quite measure up. Still, like anywhere else, there are lots and lots of esports fans and thus, there is also demand for the relevant infrastructure.
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Family sheet

Frits Dix gets into esports and gaming
Purmerend entrepreneur Frits Dix (Director of NMT Shipping) enters the world of gaming and esports through a participation in H20 esports BV. The ambitious plans of H20 esports thus become reality. 
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Greater Waterland

Rabobank and H20 unite youth in first esports stadium in the Netherlands
The Netherlands will soon get its first esports stadium. Rabobank and H20 will join forces the coming three years to bring young people together in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam.
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The Netherlands will be getting its first dedicated esports stadium later this year
H20 esports will open the doors of the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam before the end of the year. A sports hall and former school of 10,000 m2 are being converted into the largest campus for gaming, esports and creative tech in Europe.
Read the full article here.


Europe's biggest permanent esports stadium to open in 2019
Amsterdam will be home to Europe's biggest dedicated esports stadium before the end of 2019, officials announced at Gamescom. The Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam is due to open in November on the site of a former school and sports hall in the Dutch capital.
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H20 in the news media overview - Luckbox twitter

Marketing stand

Rabobank and H20 invest in first esports stadium
The Netherlands will soon get its first esports stadium. Over the next three years, Rabobank and H20 will join forces to bring young people together in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In addition, the parties want to stimulate innovation in creative tech startups.
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NH news

First stadium for e-sports in the Netherlands comes to Purmerend
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News unikrn 

Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam Set to Open in November 2019
H20 Esports have officially announced the opening of Europe's largest dedicated esports campus/venue - the Rabo Esports Stadium in Amsterdam - at Gamescom 2019, which could play home to future CSGO events among other major esports titles.
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news unikrn - H20 in the news


First e-sports stadium in the Netherlands to be built in Purmerend
PURMEREND - The first e-sports stadium in the Netherlands will be located in Purmerend. This was announced by organisation H20 yesterday during Gamescom in Cologne, the largest game fair in the world.
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Purmerend region

First e-sports stadium in the Netherlands to be located in Purmerend
Purmerend - The first e-sports stadium in the Netherlands will be located in Purmerend. This was announced by organisation H20 yesterday during Gamescom in Cologne, the largest game fair in the world.
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RTV Purmerend

Coming H20 closer thanks to Dix investment
Gaming and e-sports are getting a big boost in Purmerend now that the financing of the e-sports centre has been finalised. Purmerend businessman Frits Dix, who is also the man behind the Markthal which is currently being built on the Koemarkt, is interested in the new centre and is investing in it.
Read here Read the full article.
Frits Dix in H20 esports

Gamers First moves with production team and esports competitions to Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam

Esports Competition Operator & Broadcast Producer Gamers First will move into the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam before the end of 2019. H20 esports and Gamers First will enter into a strategic partnership. The productions Dutch College League, Benelux Premier League and the Mijndomein Masters will in any case have a fantastic new location. Gamers will be able to get used to playing in a professional stadium.

H20 looking for esports knowledge

Dirk Tuip of H20: "In recent months we have spoken to many parties in the Netherlands that have been active in the world of esports for some time. Especially because we don't have the specific knowledge of this world ourselves. We are therefore looking for parties that can bring in this knowledge in different areas. We have also noticed that the Dutch esports and gaming world has good initiatives, but that it is difficult to bring this to a higher level and ensure continuity at the same time."

Dutch Counterstrike and League of Legends fans and players next year in Rabo esports stadium

Experience in esports productions

Joost has experienced this with Gamers First. Matthijs Vink (H20): "In recent years, Gamers First has had several locations that had potential but were not designed for esports, or where esports and gaming were central. This has put a brake on growth, although the potential is definitely there. With this partnership we hope to offer (semi-) professional esports competitions a location they deserve, and expect to be able to make a big leap forward due to the production value of the broadcasts.
The joint (media-) exploitation brings the unique esports event location of H20 together with the highest echelon in the field of esports competitions and TV- and broadcast productions of Gamers First. Hopefully this will benefit the entire industry. It will also allow Gamers First to focus on what they do best. H20 will add to this its long experience in top sports, marketing and commerce." Gamers First and H20 look forward to the first joint productions."

Working with everyone

The cooperation with Gamers First brings together two unique strengths. Tuip: "We don't believe in a closed system, and we are happy to have a partner on board who believes in it. Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam wants to facilitate and become an ecosystem for everyone with an interest in esports, gaming and creative tech. We hope other parties will follow. This way we can get a real training institute and permanent stadium in The Netherlands that is suitable for national and international tournaments. This is only possible by working together. Joost has already helped us enormously in recent months with his knowledge of broadcasting and productions."

Joost Roset of Gamers First and Matthijs Vink of H20 shake hands at Gamescom 2019

Dutch College League and Benelux Premier League

The move to Purmerend means in any case that the Mijndomein Masters (Counterstrike: Global Offensive), the Dutch College League and the Benelux Premier League (both League of Legends, the latter in a partnership with the game developer Riot Games) will be organised and broadcasted from the Rabo Esports Stadium from 2020. Joost Roset: "We have been looking for professionalisation for a long time, especially in the field of location, marketing and commerce. With Matthijs and Dirk, and with this step, we expect to bring our complete organisation and the productions we organise in all facets to a more professional level."
Roset continues: "This is a new development that also takes time. The market in the Netherlands is of course smaller than in America or Asia. We have had quite a few discussions recently, but I am very happy with this cooperation and hope that we can now continue to grow."

Rabobank and H20 unite youth in first esports stadium in the Netherlands

The Netherlands will soon have its first esports stadium. Rabobank and H20 will join forces in the coming three years to bring young people together in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. In addition, the parties want to encourage innovation in creative tech startups and businesses. Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken and H20 esports announced this news today in Cologne during Gamescom 2019, the largest game fair in the world. 

Connecting young people and entrepreneurs together

Eric Zwart, Chairman of the Board of Rabobank Waterland en Omstreken:
"The world of the future lies open for young people at the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. The great thing is that we can connect young people here in real life. And in addition to gaming, H20 is strongly committed to education. Together we can teach the youth to game responsibly.
In addition, the esports stadium will provide business space for game- and tech-related companies. Because they can easily meet each other, it offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to come up with innovative plans together. For the Waterland region, as an important part of the Amsterdam metropolitan area, it can be a catalyst for economic growth. This, together with the strong support from the municipality and the education sector, makes us enthusiastic about our collaboration with H20. As our mission states, here we are really building a better world together for young people and entrepreneurs."

Esports to the next level in the Netherlands

Founder Dirk Tuip of H20 esports: "Internationally, esports has grown into a billion-dollar industry with professional teams, matches in sold-out stadiums, millions in prize money and also gaming clubs where visitors pay to play. We have great ambitions to make the Netherlands part of this industry.
We are therefore very proud that Rabobank dares to take this step with us. This is one of the first structural esports sponsoring deals. Hopefully it's a start and more large parties in The Netherlands will follow and embrace esports and gaming structurally. The next generation is waiting for it. More and more companies want to connect with this new generation, which is often also very tech-minded."

Rabo esports stadium Amsterdam

What is there to do in the esports stadium? Dirk Tuip: "We want all kinds of esports matches, tournaments and gaming events to be organised in the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam. All necessary facilities are available, think of: broadcasting, a place for shoutcasters, a stage with players desks, play areas, etc. There is also a gaming club. This is comparable to a sports club, where you can improve your gaming skills individually or as a team with high-quality gaming gear, such as PCs and accessories. For more information, please visit

H20 Monthly Report June 2019

After announcing our plans on Thursday 26 May, preparations for the demolition work were made on Monday 3 June. First of all, the former bicycle shed behind the sports hall was demolished and set up as a construction site. More than 40 parking spaces will be realised here at a later date.

In the sports hall itself, the floor was covered and also the stands, so that no damage could occur. After this was completed, the roof of the hall was taken off. Only the light fittings remained, making the total height of the future Esports Stadium 8 metres high.

All the gym equipment has been put away and the spaces under the bleachers have been cleared. This is the place of the future game studios and streaming studios.
Of the 4 dressing rooms, 2 will remain and 2 will be set up for the teams' dressing and preparation room. The entrance is also completely changed and demolished. The entrance will be 5 metres wide. The stairs still need to be removed as they will be moved. Several rooms have been demolished here to create one wide corridor. The entrance towards the hall itself has also been widened.

Upstairs, the old bar in the canteen has been demolished to make way for a new bar.

The remaining demolition work is expected to take a few more weeks and will be completed in the coming month. After that, construction can begin.

In the meantime, various discussions are held with suppliers, potential partners and vendors, who will be responsible for the interior design. A designer of esports internships from Poland is working together with our chief architect Ook! from Amersfoort, and with an interior designer, who has created a Visual Identity for gaming. The first partnership has been announced and other partnerships will follow in the coming months. Also, the first requests to organise events in the stadium have come in, which we are of course very happy about!
Finally, a vacancy page has been created on the site, to which we have received several applications in the past two weeks. From now on, every month a Monthly Report. Do you want to receive this via email, please let us know via Or follow us on our social media channels.