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Tribe Sports en H20 ontwikkelen Esportskampen voor jongeren

GAMEN KOMT DEZE ZOMER TOT LEVEN OP DE H20 ESPORTS CAMPUS AMSTERDAM – Tribe Sports en H20 ontwikkelen Esportskampen voor jongeren – Amsterdam, 7 juni 2021 – Zojuist is vanaf de H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam bekend gemaakt dat Tribe Sports en H20 de krachten bundelen en gezamenlijk de H20 Esportskampen hebben gelanceerd. De komende zomer-,...
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From clips to classroom: the cultural impact of 10 years the game Minecraft

The virtual box of Minecraft blocks has been in existence for ten years. Time to look back at the cultural influence of the best-selling computer game of all time. It’s like throwing a bucket of virtual lego on the floor: good luck with it, dear player. That’s how the computer game Minecraft started in May...
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Take gaming seriously, for young people it’s more than a game

Anyone who thinks that video games are still just games hasn’t paid attention. For many young people, the game Fortnite has replaced the local square as a meeting place. After the school bell rang, they meet here to get to know each other and experience unforgettable moments. Yet, many parents criticize video games as a...
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