Fortnite Fiesta

Give the ultimate Fortnite children’s party at H20. Challenge your friends with minigames in Fortnite and crown yourself champion!

The ultimate Fortnite children’s party

Fortnite Fiesta is the ultimate children’s party/birthday party for Fortnite fans! Jump out of the bus at H20 and play in a real Esports Arena. 

During the Fortnite party you will play Fortnite three times with two groups of four! Who survives the longest and achieves the Victory Royale can call himself/herself the champion! You can play solo, duo’s or squads. Do you dare? 



This party is suitable for kids between 8-14 years

Amount of kids

4-10 kids are able to participate


Kids play on the best Dekstop PCs of Playstations 4 Pros!


There will be played against each other for 2 hours


Fortnite with private server against each other with different challenges!

Food and drinks

Lemonade, snacks and fries can be included

What does this arrangement look like? 


Upon receival, the kids can play foosball, table tennis or they can do some F1 racing. The kids can play and drink lemonade until everyone is present. If everyone is present, we will gather and then we can start! 

It's gametime!

During the Fortnite Fiesta we will play against each other in an own server with different challenges like a mini royale, gun game and more. Then we will move a little with a combination between gaming and moving on the Esports wall. 

Kinderen spelen

Take a break

After all the games have been played, the kids can come together to chat while enjoying a snack and a drink. Then the winner will be announced and unfortunately this is the end of the party. 

learning skills

H20 thinks it is important to give attention to responsible gaming with every activity. This means learning a new skill, being inspired, creating a feeling of togetherness and creating an element of competition. It is esports after all! 


Do you have questions about children's parties at H20 or do you want to reserve by phone/by e-mail? Send an e-mail or contact us by phone.


Phone number: +31 (0)6 4343 1848

Frequently asked questions

I want to book a children's party or an event. How does this work?

1. You select Fortnite Fiesta and the amount of kids (example: you want to come with 2 parents and 8 children, you have to select 8 persons).
2. Then you select a date and time for the activity.
3. Enter your data.
4. Payment via IDeal. You pay a set amount per person.

Where can you park?

There are multiple parking spots in the area of the H20 Esports pand. We do advise you to come with a maximum of two cars.

Are food/drinks included in every arrangement?

Food/drinks are only included in the arrangements Fortnite Fiesta, Minecraft Masters, FIFA and Rocket League. Food and drinks are not included in the H20 Ultimate Tour. You can book this seperately.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age of our children’s parties is 7 years. This differs per children’s party. Look at the page of the arrangement to see what the minimum age is.

What is the minimum amount of kids for a children's party?

The minimum for the children’s parties Fortnite Fiesta, FIFA, Minecraft, Rocket League is 8. Our children’s party H20 Ultimate Tour is from 6 kids.

Will the money be refunded when there are less people present than originally reserved?

When there are less people than originally reserved, we will refund. This can take several working days.

Ready for Fortnite Fiesta?