Wanted: Gamers who want to become a professional esports player 

Apply now for the H20 Esports Talent Development Program (start Winter Edition: September 2021)

At the H20 Esports Campus we are building the future of esports. Here the greatest talents in the Netherlands train at the cutting edge. But what does it take to excel? If you could get to the top with talent, it went without saying. But those who make it to the top don’t always have the most talent. He does have self-knowledge, confidence and an enormous drive.

Together with Talent Academy Group (TAG) and a number of partners, we started the first H20 Esports TOP Talent Program in April 2021. This program is intended for the greatest gaming talents in the Netherlands and is a unique opportunity for gamers who have the ambition to become a professional esporter. The next process will start in the autumn. These talents are intensively supervised for 4 months after careful selection. The program provides 4 boot camps (training camps) of 2 days where experts in different areas work with you to make you better. Because you have talent. You have to earn success. It’s all about behavior! Do you think you have all the elements that make you a successful esporter from a regular gamer? Then sign up immediately.

A few experts on the H20 Talent Development Program

We have one purpose for this program: to coach esports players in achieving top performance. Wij hebben één doel met dit programma: esporters begeleiden om topprestaties neer te zetten. TAG is the market leader in the top sports world. Not only soccer players from Ajax, PSV and the Dutch national team make use of the expertise of TAG, but also top hockey players and female handball players. The step to esports makes sense because we are also active in the entertainment world. Various Youtubers, influencers and artists are being coached by us.

Marco Hoogerland
CEO en performancecoach TAG

We follow a lot of national and international esports talent. However, I see very few Dutch top players in the international professional esports teams. It is therefore a very good thing that H20 is starting this initiative of a Talent Development Program. Hopefully, partly as a result of this program, more talents from the Netherlands will break through in the future. We are happy to contribute to this.

Rowan Stroo
Manager Esports SEG
Talent Development Program

Timeline for 2021

3 April t/m June '21
TOP Program Summer Edition
May t/m July
Selection period TOP program Winter
Weekend 1 - Start TOP Winter
November 2021
Closing TOP program 2
Talent Development Program

Who, what en when?

What will we do?

4x a Bootcamp of 2 days filled with expert sessions on training, responsiveness, focus, flow, sleep, nutrition, fitness, mental training, and we will play some more games (which you probably already do a lot).


The program is divided into 4 weekends of 2 full days. The summer program has started April 3/4 and will run until the end of June 2021. The Winter Edition will start in September and will run through November 2021.

Which Games?

Basically all major esports titles such as League of Legends, CSGO, Rocket League, Valorant, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc.!

What will it cost?

We ask for a personal contribution of € 400.00. In addition, you must arrange your transport to Purmerend and any accommodation costs yourself. Lunch, snacks, drinks are included.

H20 Esports Campus

H20 provides the best environment to get better. We are the largest stage in the Netherlands focused on professional esports events. The largest Esports Gaming club with more than 60 setups. Community Area to recover after expert sessions. 8,000 m2 of office spaces and workplaces to focus and work. Meet like-minded people and professionals from the world of esports, gaming and tech.

Apply now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which games is the Talent Development Program for?

The Talent Development Program is for all major esports titles, so it focuses on competitive games such as League of Legends, CSGO, Rocket League, Fortnite, FIFA, Valorant, etc.

I'm still going to school, will this interfere ?

Of course, school has priority over this entire process! The Talent Development Program takes place on weekends and will be further monitored remotely.

How old do I have to be for the Talent Development Program?

The program is for young talents from the age of 16 and upward.

I am younger than 16, what now?

You can already take the spotlight at H20 by registering for group training, workshops or courses. These programs have been developed for each level and are a perfect preparation for the TOP! Our talent scouts are present at our activities, so who knows, you might be selected for the next TOP!


What level do I have to play at to be eligible?

This is intended for the biggest talents in the Netherlands, the best players in their game! This is the level and mindset we are looking for! Are you not completely sure you are there yet? Sign up for our other training programs and prepare yourself optimally for your esports career.


I can't participate this time, will there be another time?

The program will be repeated every six months, so don’t worry, there are more opportunities to come. In addition, the weekly training programs are a perfect way to prepare for the TOP.

in collaboration with

Talent Academy Group

The Talent Academy Group consists of different companies with one goal: we help people achieve top performance. Not just good, but excellent. Distinctive leadership and amazing team development require certain behaviors. Behavior that we encourage and optimize in various ways. TAG creates conditions for success. Because everyone has the right to develop their unique talent.

We have been doing this for over 20 years, TAG is the market leader in the top sports world. We serve a variety of organizations with our labels. How? Of course there are models and theories, but we are known for our customization and years of experience at the absolute top. Do not expect complicated processes from us, but action, here and now.



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